552DR ordered and LP12 upgrades

No Mark. It is very well built. It sounds like a fan when records are drying. I have it in conservatory out the way slightly. It’s beautiful to look at too! Nice LED display. Feels like premium product. Built like a tank. They do a newer version now. I got mine on eBay and it’s lightly used version 1. Saving if £800 on new for £1700. It’s alot of money. But it’s making my LP12 Klimax play records how they should be. And is less than price for new stylus.

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Cheers. Or put another way, balls, more ways to spend money. :grinning:

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You will like it mate. Humming Guru is cheaper.

My outlook generally but not in all cases is you get what you pay for. The Degritter is seriously well made. It cleans records well. It isn’t a miracle worker but very close to that.

I am getting instant results. Some of these 50 year old records sound pretty good. I am still getting some noise but they are 60s records.

Anything modern has cleaned up like a dream (last 30 years). Like new. Some of these records may need 2nd play or 2nd clean.


Cheers mate. Watch this space.

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Currently playing Ariel by Kate Bush. Great record but s**t pressing. On my second copy and this one not much better than the first.

Need a miracle cleaner.

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Good luck mate.

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It is a miracle cleaner. Apparently current mk 2 is meant to be better.

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Just spinning Hotel California - one of my new LPs and it sounds great - very dynamic and punchy.

There’s a lot of mixed opinions on new records. Some say the old stuff is better than new hi def remastered. Original records in 80s and 90s cleaned sound amazing, depending on production.

Some newer stuff isn’t quite as good. This is why older stuff can be so expensive.

My experience generally is older albums especially original to the time of release sounds better. Newer albums are more reliable, but lack the detail, dynamics and soundstage of original vinyl.


Yes, the new copy of Meddle was cheaper than the second hand copy in the same shop! They also had a new copy of Wish You Were Here (remastered), but I have an original, so passed on that.

WYWH is on my list of possibilities for the first spin on the upgraded LP12 - any other suggestions? Maybe Rush’s Moving Pictures, or Budgie’s Turning Your Back on a Friend!

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I’ve gradually been buying the 2011 Pink Floyd remasters on vinyl to sit alongside (read ‘replace’) my original copies. In every case so far I have found the remaster to be clearer, with more depth and dynamics, than the original, including WYWH. I recommend you get it. Amazon has been juggling the price a bit lately, but you could find this at a good price.

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Just cleaned WYWH on my OKKI NOKKI and it sounds totally renewed. War Of the Worlds is next followed by CCS. All are ancient but a good cleaning appears to work wonders.


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Hi Dan.

Regarding non paper sleeves for your newly cleaned records.

May I suggest you have a look at a company called Covers 33 based in Yorkshire. They do a range of products which include white & black 12” polylined paper sleeves .

This company has been a favorite of vinyl loving forum members since I joined in 2011 and are a brilliant company to deal with.

ATB Graham.


The 500dr from 2023 seems to be a good deal. Referring to German retail this is approx half price for a one year old one.
Mine is end 2016 (bought in first half of 2017) - better price but older. Outside uk the market is more expensive

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Thanks, just went back to our (very) little vinyl shop and grabbed it. Will give it a spin after lunch.

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Listening to some of my new but old LPs all cleaned up. Ultravox on at moment. The RCM was certainly a good move. Enjoying listening to my wonderful LP12. Sounding awesome.

So glad I have this kit. Working hard all week. But taking my 3 year old son away for weekend tomorrow! 3 nights away. Longest I will have been with him. Bless him.

Loving my system and loving life!

Things are good.


I’m with you on that Dan. I agonised long and hard about whether to fork out £2.5k on a Degritter. It’s a big decision, especially when you already own the very good Humminguru, but reviewing that decision now with 1700 cleans clocked up and thousands more to come, it was absolutely the right decision. It’s not a miracle worker and can’t always get rid of the noise, never mind fix irrevocable damage, but what it does is maximise the musical information that’s on the disc. I find that so many pre-cleaned discs mix the music up with the noise and my brain can’t separate the two. After cleaning, the noise is still there, but the music now seems to sit above it on a different sonic plane and my brain can engage and tune out the grunge. It’s a neat trick!

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