555 PS or XPS DR

My CDS3 is currently powered by an XPS DR but I might be able to get a 555 PS soon.

Is this a definite upgrade I’ll be happy with for a few years or should I keep saving and move straight to a 555 DR

In the new Naim universe it’s a 555 PS for life so the maths is an unknown factor if I change now. Is it worth the gamble?

In general the DR upgrade was a great contribution to the Naim range but you should always take system matching and personal preference into account, and it would be wrong to assume that newer = better in all cases. Possibly more so given that your CD player was developed pre-DR so it may even match a non-DR power supply well.
Only one way to find out……

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Thanks Chris. I can’t demo but I was going to keep the XPS DR in the loft for future use on an nDAC. The 555 PS is part of a long term plan to move to the CD 555 and it was an easy decision when the 555 could be upgraded.

Its also difficult looking at values at the moment so I thought I would find out more from other users who have switched from a XPS to a non DR 555 PS

My only personal experience is with the NDAC, where like some others, I found the non-DR 555 slightly preferable to the 555DR. Whether you would actually find the same with your CD players I wouldn’t like to say. I think it’s all too easy to jump on the upgrade bandwagon, get the latest, greatest thing, be wowed by it on first impressions and buy it. (Or worse, base your purchases solely on claims made on this forum :open_mouth:) I prefer to live with things for a while before I make a final decision and I’m lucky to have a dealer who is happy to help with that.

Naim themselves told me that the XPS Dr is better than the 555 non DR. Give technical a call if you want clarification. :+1:


That would sort it out really.

And if I can’t demo it probably isn’t worth the risk.

I ran CDS3 with a 555PS (non DR) for many years. I’d thoroughly recommend that combination.


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There is a degree of incentive as to why Naim might be predisposed to favour their current new model - that you can buy from HQ - over an older item from the s/h market.

Not saying that I disagree, just that you could always try each and let your ears decide :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Here’s a different approach to your situation…

I have a CDS3 w/ a XPS (non DR) with which I was very happy…until I acquired a CD555 w/ 2 555DR’d PS’s, all used. The difference was beyond amazing (as would be expected, considering the cost). I realize you are not yet in a position to do all that at one time, so here is my suggestion.

If possible, get a CD555 first. They are no longer that easy to find, as the shift from CD to streaming (ND555) has resulted in the unloading of the CD555s by those who made the move. I suspect that those who continue to have the CD555 (like me) have no intention of getting rid of them. Also, the tracking mechanisms for CD555s are still available whereas those for the CD3 are not.

Conversely, the opportunity to acquire power supplies will be around long into the future.

The problem with my suggestion is, I believe you are not able to run the CD555 with the XPS (if in fact, you can, then this would definitely be the way to go…IMHO). But if the XPS is not compatible with the CD555, you would need to just keep it boxed up and continue to use your present system (which is pretty darn good) until you are able to save up for the 555PS DR (and eventually, a second 555PS DR to maximize the performance potential.


Better in what respect, and when powering which device? I don’t believe all this oversimplified ‘product A is better than product B’ stuff. Matching components to build a system that works for you is the key.

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Yep. It’s a twin burndy connection only, so 555PS

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FYI, according to the other thread Naim was successful in finding CDS3 mechs at least for the moment

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Really??? when did that happen? Everything I have heard over the past 2 years or so has indicated otherwise, including comments from Richard Dane. Were these newly discovered mechanisms the “real deal” or Chinese knock-offs?

Apparently recently, NeilS (and Jason via Richard) confirmed it in the other thread. How long they will last, who knows

They advised that the DR noise regulators is what makes so much improvement in its own right that is why.

Yes, you need at least one 555 PS to run a CD555.

[quote=“AJK, post:16, topic:23283, full:true”]
Yes, you need at least one 555 PS to run a CD555.

Yes…as I suspected, and confirmed above by james_n.

I’ve compared XPS-DR to nonDR-555PS a number of times and preferred the nonDR-555PS every time


What box were you powering?

Can’t say I’m surprised. I’m sure Naim are proud of the DR regulators, but an XPS is not a 555PS.
I wouldn’t just drink the DR Kool-aid, always listen and decide for yourself.