A bit of advice about Fraim and two stacks

Morning folks, my system sits on two fraims as follows:

252 - 300dr psu
NDS - 555dr psu
300 head unit - supercap dr

all burndies are nicely placed, with the 300 one of them is almost touching the floor because of the height of the stands and the right burndy enters the head unit on the right, if that makes sense? i have to have about a 6 inch gap between both stands. id like to get them closer together.

has anyone tried another single part of a base pack on each fraim? so instead of two at the bottom, having 3? i think this will make the stands tall enough and maybe sound a bit better but who knows

maybe my stacking order isnt quite right?

What size rack uprights?

standard size mate, i like these from a looks point of view

I have empty shelf below my boxes which keeps all burndys and snaics, interconnects off the floor.


Additionally I had always had 552 on top right shelf, but after reading a older thread @Darkebear mentioned sources should be on top.
So last night switched nd555 and 552 so now streamer on top.
I was surprised at the improvement in sound quality. Allowing for expectation bias I now find sound is more open and music just brighter and has more of a live sound
Using the medium uprights raises boxes up allowing cables to be above floor. Obviously mandatory for 500


i bet your system sounds really quite special!

because of where my system is placed, im trying to keep the overall profile of 6 boxes as low as possible, i did think about adding an extra shelf per rack, that would be ideal. My thought process was that adding an extra bit of base might just bring it up height wise whilst costing a bit less and not be too tall

I suppose my main concern is if i do it and it doesnt sound quite right

Less expensive to buy new uprights
Much less I believe

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id have gaps then though!hahaha im trying to avoid that

Gaps? Explain please
U mean more space above boxes?
If so , good thing as keeps boxes cooler and potentially sound quality upgrade

Yea thats it, more space above the 300 head unit and supercap but it wont look the same as the other shelfs (gap wise)

This system is in my living room

Then get 2 shelves, cheaper than 2 bases.
I’d still get new medium uprights
Look at my right rack…. Looks fine to me

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it would be two half of the bases though? yea it looks fine especially with a 500 sat there but its too tall for me

Maybe some of the improvements moving boxes around is you clean the connectors at the same time :man_shrugging:

If you bought a base you couldn’t just split it, as the two levels have different hardware.

If it was me I’d put the power supplies for the 252 and NDS on the top two levels. Put both parts of the 300 on the bottom. Either let the burndies sit on the floor or use some pipe insulation to keep them supported.

When I had a CDS3, 552 and 300 it was the first two that made a difference not touching the floor. The two 300 burndies didn’t seem to be affected, though they were resting on thick carpet.

It certainly looks better without a big gap between the two stacks. Why not try my suggestion and see what you think. The best thing is that it’s totally free, other than an hour or two of your time.

do you think moving the boxes around so the 300 ps is on the bottom and having the 300 burndies running along the floor would be better? its only one burndy that is slightly touching the floor at the moment.

I wouldnt split a base, i wold buy two lots of the second bit of the base, in essence giving the base pack three parts instead of two

Put it this way, you very likely won’t hear a difference. I certainly wouldn’t get more base parts. I’d either leave it as it is, or if I moved it together I’d either get medium uprights for the lower level or just let the burndies sit on the floor. It costs nothing to try.

yea thats it, i only need really a few inches of height so everything is off the floor you see.

I do spend ages getting the cable dressing right so things are not touching etc, just got me wondering if anyone had tried it

I briefly heard Richard the moderator says digital should not be at the top

Now I am quite confused.

Ideally the preamp would be on top. It’s the most sensitive.

this is something i have tried myself, i would 100% say pre at the top, then source then amp head unit if applicable

Okay, my current setup is:

Fraim 1:

  • NAC 552 (most sensitive, spring loaded)
  • ND 555 (2nd most sensitive, err… spring loaded too :thinking:)
  • 250DR

Fraim 2:

  • PSU for NAC 552
  • PSU for ND 555

And all cables, touching left right center all over the place on the wall and floor… :rage: