A New App

Maybe it would smooth some feathers here if it was “NAIM & focal” with the “focal” second and really small. :joy::joy::joy:

Kind of like - NAIM:

Stonehenge Large



I used to work for a company called ICL, that became “ICL Fujitsu” which became “Fujitsu ICL” then finally just “Fujitsu”. Hope that doesn’t happen here.

Regarding the current app, presumably at some point we all may have to upgrade. For example we all had to update our app when Tidal changed their logon code.

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That’s exactly what will happen down the road.

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Or even FOCAL and naim. :grinning: There is clearly something afoot here, as you simply don’t need an app for the FOCAL products (predominantly speakers/headphones).

As long as the app is better though, I guess it doesn’t really matter. If I can now sort my offline Qobuz playlists/albums alphabetically, then I’ll be happy…



It’s a “New look app” not a “New app”. So nothing will be better. As long as nothing got broken in the rebranding, it will be the same.

I didn’t say they were identical, I said they reflected, a subtle but important semantic difference. Also
naim in the logo doesn’t have the crescent over the top either.

Hope it works as well as it does now

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My gut response was that naim should come first, as the app is associated with Naim’s streaming platform, not Focal’s speakers. However in the end, if the technology is incorporated into Focal’s “mass market” speaker lines, I would guess that ultimately it will be used to control Focal products more than Naim products. (I have done absolutely no research on this.)

Having said that, this is an app, which will appear to me on my iPhone. I don’t expect to buy the T shirt. If the app works, I’ll be happy.


I am not opposed to a new app if it works as well at the current app. The Naim app works so much better on so many levels than the Sim Audio Moon app I was used to and still use on another stereo in the house. I went looking for another brand in part because I was frustrated with how poorly the connectivity between Sim Audio’s app and the Moon streamer worked at times and how clunky the UI was and remains. The Naim experience allows me to just sit down and enjoy some music rather than checking connections and restarting a streamer and a phone. I am not saying this happens all the time with Moon, but enough to add stress when I am seeking to release stress with some music.

I have had my Atom for 2 years now and every day is a pleasure and I never cease to say, “Wow!” when I listen to it.


I hope there is some new streamer firmware and functionality within the app that would allow us to use Amazon Music. I’ve got a free trial right now and it is quite good, but not as easily used as Tidal or Spotify with the Uniti Atom.

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There is buzz on Apple forums that the Apple Music Classical App is soon to be released, as it is showing up in backend software - This would be the Primephonic replacement - it was promised for 2022
May arrive with iOS16.1

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Many who have worked in accounting or finance became accustomed to starting work with a firm that reflected the name of the founders, then an abbreviated version of the multiple names thrown together by mergers, then an absurd name that supposedly reflects values. So give it a couple of years we’ll get F&N and then an eclectic choice of nonsense. And no one really cares much at any stage :blush:

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I was just thinking that it has been a quiet year so far for Naim.

My wife would disagree Naim has made a lot of noise around our place. :rofl:


Yeah, not so quiet for Naim users lol

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Not a chance lol.

If this means "more resources for support and development of the app I am all for it!


All I care is it works, does not matter to me whose name comes first.
It is a first world issue considering everything else that is going on in the World, IMHO.


Yes I agree. Not all change is bad.