New-Look App coming in October

Exciting news! From October 4, your Naim App will look a little different, so it can support additional App-enabled products and offer even more features in the future.

The new Focal & Naim App will continue to support all the Naim products the current Naim App does, plus some exciting new products from Focal. The App icon is also changing to reflect the app’s support for both Focal and Naim products.

Another change is that users of iPhones and iPads will need to be running at least iOS 13.1. We periodically increase the minimum supported iOS version to ensure our app can make use of the latest features offered by Apple.

If you have enabled automatic updates on your device then there is nothing further for you to do, the app update will happen automatically. If you prefer to update manually then check the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and apply the update when it’s available.

We look forward to sharing the new-look App with you, and - as ever – welcome all your feedback.

The Software Team