Acoustic panels

Anybody use the gik 242 panel’s on the ceiling if so do they make much of a difference in this location.?

Yes , I initially treated my room with GIK tri-traps and monster bass panels with great success. Wasn’t sure if adding 242’s would be noticeable or beneficial , but decided to give them a go , so fitted 2 at the first reflection point on the ceiling. Pleased I did as there was a definite audible improvement.


Thanks for reply I do have the monster traps and tri traps and first reflection with 242 I have to say so far the monster traps with flex technology behind the speakers has made a huge difference. But it does thank time to get it right.

Does anyone have any pics they would like to share? How secure are the ceiling fixings?

Gik have a video for ceiling bracket

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I used the GIK brackets , they haven’t fallen down yet !


Nice room are they all monster on side wall.

Yes all monsters. The black ones are range limited , the light coloured ones are full range , at first reflection point. There’s also 2 range limited monsters behind front and rear curtains , sitting on windowsill.

Looks like you have a pair of in-wall DBL’s there on the right sidewall!
Hmmmmmm…not a bad idea, if I say so myself!

Are they the flex range or are you using scatter plate.?

As @Folkman mentioned, treating first reflection points (left, right and ceiling) and room corners results in audible and measurables improvements. GIK Acoustic provides great products and advises.

I did treat my room in 4 or 5 phases. Each time adding, moving, replacing treatment. The final result is immensely pleasant. In fact, there is no going back.

Apart from being enjoyable for music, the room also became more peaceful. That relaxed atmosphere is also quite pleasant. Silence quality, is something I also enjoy a lot.


I reckon you spend alot of cash on your room.

Indeed, but no need to spend as much as I did to get great results.

A few GIK panels (Monster Bass Traps, Tricorners, etc.), well placed should provide an immediate uplift in sound quality.

DIY is also an option to consider.

Depending on your sitting position (distance between your ears and speakers), what you hear can be up to 50%-60% (or more) room reflexions…

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I know it’s something people don’t think about but I agree the difference is amazing. This is my room for now… Still working on it.

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Indeed, the room impact is largely underestimated!
Probably due to lack of interest or knowledge :thinking:

Your treatment is coherent and, previsibly, should enhance your music experience. Well done!

Next step would be the ceiling, second reflexions and the back wall of course.

Very nice listening room :star_struck:

Hi Hawkmoon. Was just thinking if you have an audible low frequency lift issue in your sparsely dressed room you could try and replace your Corner Tritraps with GIK Soffit Bass Traps ( these can be ordered in a fabric blending in with your wall colour). The Soffits ( 42x42x120cm) deal very effectively with frequencies down to 30 Hz ie a more full range design. I’ve used them in the immediate corners behind my speakers to great effect. Like Folkman I also have range limited absorbers behind my curtains, as the biggest problem-frequency in my room is a 80-100Hz ( see photo) Just keep going… :+1:t3: ATB Peter

PS. After a lot of trials I decided not to treat my ceiling partly from an aesthetic point of view- as Thomas said the back wall behind your listening position lends itself to reduce a lot of high frequency reflections, and in my case that seemed to win the game in the end.


I did exactly the same, treated my room bit by bit.

Also fully agree with the room becoming more peaceful, gives a very calm atmosphere. Its very nice to just to sit in without even playing music. A brilliant by product of treating your room , and virtually never mentioned.

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It’s a working process it has some high frequency issues but slowly getting there.

I have two GIK 242’s on my ceiling 2 Monsters behind my speakers and a Impression panel on my rear wall (immediately behind my head), I didn’t use the GIK ceiling mounts as I didn’t want them to stand out too much so used 4 “Modesty blocks” on each one with a cap over the visible screw head.