% Allocation in your system?

With my current speakers:
Source (2x) 30.8%
Pre + phono pre: 25%
Power amp: 14.5%
Speakers: 4.2%
Signal cables: 8%
Power cables: 7.5%
Rack, isolation: 6%
Network: 1%
Library management: 3.2%

With my upcoming speakers (this then being my end game):
Source (2x) 26.3%
Pre + phono pre: 21.2%
Power amp: 12.3%
Speakers: 18.5%
Signal cables: 6.8%
Power cables: 6.3%
Rack, isolation: 5.1%
Network: 0.8%
Library management: 2.71%

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Interesting, this exercise is.

Sources 39.2%
Pre (inc. phono & activeXO) 33.9%
Power 15.2%
Speaker 5.4%
Cables 6.7%
Support 2.3%

Most of this system (active SBLs) was bought s/h (in fact everything other than the Sondek-Zeta-AT cartridge), but I find it interesting that I’ve spent more on interconnects & spkr cable that I did on the Sibbles.

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Sources, including streaming DAC (+ pre) - 66%
Amp (integrated) - 8%
Speakers - 26%

Power, cables etc. and local music stuff not included but would be relatively quite significant - I am even somewhat reluctant to calculate these but wouldn’t change them.
Ironically, my lowest priced part/component, the amp, is probably the most valuable to me - although I’ve had and heard a few, I am virtually unable to think of a replacement that I would like as much in the room and setup (different good yes). When a system is already there and starts working as one, especially when mixing hifi of different generations, prices of individual components become less relevant. This thread was provoking and I did this, although I do recommend an open mind to matching and I can see how on cost basis alone my % allocation may not make much sense in some hifi books.


Main source (record player): 33%
Digital source: 8%
Preamplifier: 30% incl Hicap & Stageline
Power amplifier: 12%
Speakers: 17% incl NAC A5 cable

Then roughly 10-15% of kit value spent each year on records

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Good to see someone factor in the room!

Wow, more on cables than speakers! Suzywong too.


This is really difficult with DIY speakers. The parts alone cost more than my Atom. If I had to buy something of the equivalent then the closest commercially available speaker of similar construction is the vandersteen Quattro wood ct @ $23000 AUD. With the atom @ $5000AUD.

So current system is hypothetically:

Source/pre/amp - 17.5%
Speakers - 82.5% (speakers also contain 250w of amplification)


Yes, I realised I overspent on cables but do not have regrets owning them. I am more of a cable guy and don’t usually hold back when it comes to cabling, especially when I have settled down with the equipment or main components and do not have any urge to replace them with anything else. The cables are part of the system anyway and they have a place, in my book.


I tend to agree. Sometimes it is what works for you and there are no hard and fast rules of a fixed allocation for the hifi.


Wise words. Provided you are happy with your system, the amount spent on each component doesn’t matter a row of beans. Its the synergy between the components which matters. Thats where naim scores as (with a few exceptions) as you move up the chain the magic is not lost but amplified (excuse the pun :grin:)!


I’m too scared to work it out :flushed:


Interestingly sources, amplification and speakers are each about 32% with the balance being rack and cables.

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Pre Amp 34%
Power 24%
Digital Source 16%
Speakers 9%
Cables 6%
Isolation 11%
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At list though, with a bit for cabinet material, is it about 60:40 speakers to source/amp?

I think the value from DIY kits is astonishing, and putting both numbers down might make a few more folks consider it (I’m still browsing the TG site making plans :slight_smile: )

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Yes that’s right. 60/40.

Have a look at the new faital 10”

I think that would be a great speaker.

Great sensitivity and an easy load.


Stop it :wink:

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Just worked mine out and moreover the replacement cost of the system :smiley:


Thanks for all the responses.

Any clever statistician see patterns emerging? It looks more varied than I perhaps expected.

I think I’m a bit of an outlier though.


We should do % of system versus house cost.

Or, maybe not….


Hahaha! 2nd Mortgage for the hifi.