Amazon HD Streaming issues

Quick update … A2 card is actually much quicker for downloading Ultra HD. Now have 100GB of ‘free’ tunes on phone … if only I could stream it all to my UnitiQute :frowning:

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Looking at this thread and the Amazon HD thread makes me wonder whether Spotify will not bother with an HD feed or are chuckling at the efforts of the 2 A’ s to implement a decent quality, easy to use set up?

I don’t use Apple products, and will not continue with Amazon HD for long, if at all after the free trial.

I like Spotify: I realise many on the forum do not, but it has and continues to serve me well.

I find your conclusion re not easy to set up confusing. I find just the opposite. I have a pc, an ipad, two android phones, three node 2i’s and a firestick on the tv/Denon set up. All have installed Amazon HD quickly and simply. All stream effectively both via 4g and internet. All stream at the maximum quality the device will allow, nothing less than 16/44 on the androids and up to the full 24/192, even on the firestick.

I am sold on the technical implementation and on the content so far. It can only improve. The only downside for me is that the hi res files are not available for purchase, only for streaming. I am supplementing by continuing to buy hires from Qobuz.

Naim really need to get on board with this.

As I said I don’t use Apple products at all. I am merely commenting on some of the bits and bobs people have seemed to be attaching to their iPhone.

Re: Amazon, I have to use my notebook via USB to my Azur851n rather than control the interface via phone or tablet if using my main system.

Upstairs, I use a 3.5mm to 2 phono cable to connect the above to a little system in the lounge. Streaming is my tertiary source: however, I may have a go with Tidal (connect on my Azur) at some date.

Just a quick one… why does Unitiqute not identify phone plugged into front USB? I seem to be blocked at every turn trying to play these blasted Amazon downloads :frowning_face:

It would appear that this input is for USB storage (USB stick etc).

I had to use my printer cable to connect my notebook to the correct USB input on the rear of my Azur

I don’t think the UQ has such a USB input

This is an early implementation of Apple “Made for iPhone” certification dating from the time when iTunes snd iPods were all the rage, so that is primarily what is supported. If you start playing something in iTunes/Apple Music then switch to whatever app you want to use you can usually get it to work.

Hi Clare,
I’m another amazon HD subscriber.
Having seen this post from May, and noting your intention at some point to integrate it, I would be very grateful please for any update on when that may take place?
I can confirm it sounds very nice on airplay, but would of course prefer a native app to take advantage of the true hi res.
Many thanks in advance for any update

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I understand there are many competing issues to deal with at a company the size of Naim, however in my opinion (which nobody ever likes) support for Amazon music streaming service should be a high priority.

With so many people buying products for the first time, prioritizing streaming services seems like the most likely choice for people when considering buying decisions. I use Amazon Music HD and it is fantastic. Far better than Tidal and Spotify for me, nothing against those I can just not figure out their interface and Spotify inundates people with nonstop commercials.

Please add the service. Please and thank you.


Absolutely this. It is stopping me looking at Naim streamers.


You do know it’s not just down to Naim to be able to add services. Amazon also needs to be open and allow this and provide them with what is needed. Amazon only seem to hook up with a few mass market manufacturers rather than high end hifi, as it serves their purpose more. Same thing applies to Apple Music or any other music service. They are not all as open or flexible as Tidal or Qobuz.

Yes, I understand this. There will be commercial agreements to be sorted as well as technical compatibility. It still stops me utilising my manufacturer of choice whoever’s ‘fault’ the delay is. For me Amazon HD provides the functionality and a measure of future security that I want.

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Amazon HD, and Apple Music can provide the functionality and they are there, but I do want to support Qobuz, Tidal, other hires music providers and I do not want to see them to go away like some high street stores. For that reason, I would not subscribe to Amazon HD, even if they were to offer 1 cent per month.

Yep, personal choice needs to be protected.

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I very much doubt Amazon would ever deny themselves market share given what they are. I would guess it is a commercial issue for Naim (as I cannot see it being technical) given their relatively low volumes worldwide. As with @bruss it stops me even considering the Naim streaming platform as things stand which is a shame. I’m not wedded to Amazon - but there is a really good selection of hi-res content and they are generally bang up to date (i.e you can access latest releases). There are things I don’t rate particularly highly - search engine and genre metadata to mention two - but I can live with that as it is such good VFM (as a Prime subscriber).


Hardly missing much market share with Naims user base. Amazon Music is a means to sell prime subs, echoes and keep people in the Amazon eco system. Same reasons Apple use Music. It’s not for the love of music. Look at what devices support Amazon, Bluesound, Marantz/Denon or systems that use DTS playfi not any smaller bespoke manufacturers. The experience is also less than stellar given my experience with Bluesounds integration which was dire.

I use Bluesound. The integration with Amazon is not perfect by any means but it is usable. No idea if Bluesound integration with Tidal and other services is any better as I’ve never had a subscription with any of them whilst owning the Node 2i. I ran with Deezer on my old Squeezebox after Logitech ceased supporting Napster on my hardware. I certainly don’t find the Amazon interface any worse than either of them. That said I am not after a Roon style experience. As long as I can find it and play it and it sounds ok then I’m happy.

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Tidals was better, likely the best of the bunch for me, but you can now use Tidal connect. To be fair most services on BluOs come across lacking . Yes it covers most like Sonos but the execution is not.always great and it feels fractured as they all have different interfaces and not all features of that service in tact. I don’t miss my Node 2 at all I used it for Roon and Spotify but ended up selling it as I was not using any of the other stuff due to the horrible interface so switched back to a Pi and just Roon. I did use it to trial Amazon HD when it came out.

I’ve programmed a remote and just press play for various playlists. When I search for something new I use the pc amazon interface and add it to my music, which is then also available via ipad, or phone. If I’m sitting down listening I have the ipad and can play or search and play from there by playlist, by genre, my saved music or by the vast Amazon search engine. The only thing I miss is a sleep timer on the remote.
What more is needed?

Hello, and welcome to the Forums!

I’ve been on holiday for a couple of weeks, but will get an update from R&D on software developments in the next week. I do know Amazon Music HD is on our wishlist, and ongoing conversations are being had. Some other streaming service stuff to come first, though…

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