Any reason why my system takes up to 4 hours to warm up?

Just surmising … Naim tend to use a number of tantalum capacitors in key circuit areas…I think these are notorious for taking a time to settle…I am not sure how aging effects them…I dont think they are normally replaced at service…as I think most of the refresh centers on the psu…


Leave it switched on or turn this up a bit. :+1:t2:
Summer is coming. :sweat_smile:


When ever i’ve had units serviced at Naim all of the through-hole tantalum caps were replaced as a rule, maybe they age just like the electrolytic’s do, in terms of current leakage?



Not really very big… IMO… :slightly_smiling_face:

Dims - H 1062mm x W 190mm 7.5” x D 439mm

My Kudos X3’s - * 845mm (h) x 190mm (w) x 250mm (d)


Thats good to know…thanks

Those are great speakers…they are on the deep side…but I think you would miss them…
If I had the space and a pair of those…I would do an outboard xover… with top class air core chokes and caps…I would keep the orginal xovers stored and intact…

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Morning IB room is certainly not live, heavy carpet/underlay,heavy curtains but we do have a leather suite and a bloody Great Wall mounted mirror that probably doesn’t help but that can’t be moved as it a big job, covers a whole in the wall where our tv used to live😉.
It’s very difficult keeping a balance as my wife points out from time to time it is our lounge not a music room and to be honest over the years she has been very tolerant of my hobby especially when we had a full 5.2.1 av system, projector and drop down screen…so need to try and keep the peace.
The confusion is how some tracks sound pretty much spot on then you can play another and that glare or edge is back but generally the edge is present most of the time.
That was one reason I wanted to add a 250dr, I was hopeful that being the ideal match for the 282 it might bring a bit of body and smoothness to the sound.
I will keep at it otherwise I will stop listening and that’s not good.
Many thanks for you replies always willing to take advice.

That’s the beauty with the 26’s for a large speaker, narrow baffle ,for me they don’t dominate the room, wife is not convinced though, being black probably doesn’t help.
Just to add, think someone did mention the later versions are supposed to be a little less edgy, I did ask PMC if the 26’s could be updated but due to the change of crossover that’s not possible and to be honest the cost to do it would not be worth it, much easier and probably cheaper to sell these and buy a newer pair but at nearly £10k that won’t be happening.

The 282 was serviced in 2022 back at Naim but I have just checked the paperwork and there is nothing specific mentioned just mentions “service” but there is a little niggle in the back of my mind about its age being a 2004 vintage but then there are lots of members on hear with as old if not older kit.
The ndac has never had a service and that’s 2010, all these things are giving me doubts just need to be rational and check everything in a methodical way, which is not always easy for me.
I can take the ndac out and run with just the Nd5xs2, so one thing to try, onward and upwards.

Question for the OP, do you listen to the same music every time you start a listening session?

Good point, usually put on a playlist while doing a few jobs just to let the system warm up but generally a mixture from my favourites, always try and end on a good track, if that makes sense, curious as to why you ask?

One way to find out i suppose (although i’m not encouraging you do this, or doubting Naim in any way) is to lift the lid. If an original un-serviced 2004 model it will have blue tants inside, if recently serviced all the tants will be yellow/orange. Whenever i’ve had a pre-amp serviced all tants have been changed and on the odd occasion, new pots also. Maybe you could contact Naim Support or ask your dealer to investigate?

Just a quick question(s) here if i may - what speaker cables are you using and how are they terminated?

Well I’m not a burn-in sceptic but I do think some of the claims on here are over exaggerated, 11 months, I once read, to which I asked “how did you measure that, play the same music, at set periods and make copious notes?”

I guess my point is there variations in how we perceive things.

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I would like to think Naim would have given it the full monty due to its age,might contact them just to see if they can shed any light on what was actually replaced during the service.
To be honest I had thought of taking the cover off just to have a closer look, sometimes it can be quite obvious if a component or joint has over heated but closer inspection does not always guarantee success.
I have had intermittent faults at work which are nearly always the hardest to trace.
I had a control board that once lifted off its locating posts if you held each corner and twist ed the board very slightly it would work for awhile but then fail, the board was simply replaced as trying to trace a fault on a board manually can be a mammoth task, anyway back to your other question the speaker cables are Witch Hat phantom 6.5m pair terminated at both ends with banana plugs, not sure of the brand of plug they use but they are a very good fit.

I have always found most systems sound better as the listening session progresses but it’s often minor but not always sometimes it’s very noticeable depends on the system but I think I know what you mean, it should sound pretty good from start up.

If all this stuff takes hundreds of hours to sound “ right” then what’s the point of home loans or dems as it’s going to change significantly to something you haven’t heard yet.?
How is accepted that it can only get better.?
I wonder how many have splashed their coin only to find they don’t like it later?


I still don’t think that your PMC 26’s are ‘large’. Naim DBL’s are large, in my book… :astonished:

I have always used relatively small speakers with my NAP250, which I have had since 1985.

I happened to see this at (about) the same time as “my cousin Vinnie” was on and couldn’t stop thinking about the guy with stove that cooked grits faster than any other stove anywheres on the planet. Maybe your system needs that same jolt

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I’m sure there’s a joke in there but you have totally lost me…

Most quality dealers run in their demo gear for as long as it takes before demos start to occur.