Anybody got digital pics of their Naim six-pack (preferably olive)

I’m in the process of writing a series of reviews on the Naim 300 series for Soundstage Ultra and would like to incorporate some pictures of previous model ranges, including ideally an olive Naim six-pack system and possibly a chrome bumper system of any description…

Jason Gould is currently trawling Naim press archives for such a picture with no joy, however he has given me permission to post on here to see if there are people with such a system willing to share a picture or two (hope that’s OK Richard?) Full credit will be given (although unfortunately no payment can be made).

Please reply on here if you think you may have some suitable pics and are happy for them to be published as part of the article.

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Hi @JonathanG

Have you checked these threads out - you may find an owner who can provide something suitable?

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If I recall, @ChrisBell had active DBLs at one time, though whether it was a three or six pack I’m not sure. They take great pictures too.

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Jon Honeyball used to be an active member of the forum (and 6 pack owner).

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I had an active six pack in the early 2000’s powering NBL’s. Sadly I don’t have any pics of that system. I had all of the amps and power supplies in the basement and upstairs there was the CDS, 52, LP12 on a small Mana stands. I drilled two large holes in the floor to pass the burndy cables down. Nobody had any idea there were 10 more Naim boxes below.

Those amps were replaced with a NAP500 which I still own.


From the old HiFi Review magazine


Thanks folks, some useful leads here. I have that old Hi-Fi Review yearbook. If anyone has a nice digital pic of their chrome bumper system that would be useful too.

Grateful for everyone’s help!


The chrome bumper picture above is already impressive but for olive, with a six-pack I’d have thought you might also want the 52, its power supply, SNAXO 3-6, its Supercap, then whatever is needed for the phono stage, and 2-box CD plus 2-box tuner and power supply.

The Tom Tom Audio team might be able to help.

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