Anyone else using Roon extensions?

Roon, as I understand it, allows access to its API and this allows 3rd party add-ons - extensions.

The alarm clock (self explanatory) and queue bot (allows you to put a “pause” into a queue) I’ve used for some time but the “random radio” is a real revelation. I use it to play a random album when the current queue ends and it’s really providing an excellent way of rediscovering my collection.

Does anyone else have a favourite Roon extension?


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I am not using any Roon extensions since none of them brings any SQ improvement, but I am wondering if anyone here uses HQ Player?

I used HQP into a Holo Audio spring DAC whilst still having my Hugo TT to try and see what all the DSD and upsampling fuss was about.

Even bought a dedicated liquid cooled PC to run HQP.

I have ended up with a mscaler-HugoTT2 but HQP is an excellent piece of software but having so many different filters just drove me to distraction, going as far to have different filters for different albums.

I’m glad I went down the rabbit hole, I know first hand now what it can (and can’t) do.


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Yes, that is exactly my concern. I just want something that is just plug and play - Life is too busy to spend time on configuring a particular sound component, and that may include the HQP if I ever decided to go for it.

If it’s SQ you’re after this was my biggest success in years

It’s amazing that I’ve bought cables that cost more. This is in Naim terms a black box upgrade.



Cost is really not my concern, but time spent fiddling/tinkering really is. Maybe I will hire someone to come to my house to optimise my setup? But then it is still not perfect because I can change room, house or even replace my HIFI components later on, plus sometimes I do not full trust my ears. :slight_smile:

What you need is a £500 gadget that can simply be plugged into unused inputs that will suck all the badness out. No tinkering, no hassle just better sound.

Now back on topic, anyone else here using Roon Extensions and which are you using?


One day I will ask you what it is about the gadget, but for now I won’t distract anyone away from this topic anymore.

The only extension I use is an Apple TV app that displays the cover on the TV, also works as a remote.

But I do not use it that much.

Mostly use an iPad to control roon, and the remote of the NDX2.


I have three, 1 deep harmony to allow me to use my harmony remote to start stop music. The second allows me to control roon via my elgato stream deck and the third I have a number of which allows ropieee to work. I have 3 of those on the go.

I use 3, Jan’s extension manager , Deep Harmony to control my 2nd system and itRox for Android which is a great little remote app that allows you to control basic remote options switch music to different zone etc it also works from the lock screen which is why I use it

I have played around with entrypoints to which is a good one for getting non streaming sources into Roon. I dabbled getting my TT into it.

Agreed with this one.

I use the Russel TV and RooUPnP extensions.

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RooUPnP. Allows NDS to be Roon endpoint. Free trial at present.


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