Are posh Cat 5+ cables any better for quality streams?

No doubt this has been raised a few times but forgive a newbie on NC!
I connected my newly purchased Uniti to my ultrafast broadband via a manky black LAN cable which any archaeologist could write a thesis on.
Got Tidal Masters running, no worries.
Would it sound any better with a better cable?

There are plenty of threads that discuss this already. No need for a another one. The search feature will help you find them.

Any decent cable will do the job.

For more info, I’d start here

You may be gone for sometime…

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Excl. VAT£4,947.92Incl. VAT£5,937.50

Wireworld Cables


Item Code: Platinum Starlight Ethernet

That should do it :smile:


Anything more up market available?


There might be, but the free uk delivery might just swing it for me!

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Delivered on a silk cushion by a vestal virgin perhaps for that money?

Are you interested in wasting your money?

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Rather than start another new thread, it’s probably best to first read through the existing threads on this subject. Here’s a long one to get you started…