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Hi. I have searched on the forum and even been to the Atom support web site but I seem to be unable to find out the following.

  1. Can the display be turned off completely when in use?

  2. Can the display, when in use, be stopped from automatically toggling between the artwork and smaller artwork along with bit rate and track playing?

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I think some of this is covered here, Roger

This might help to understand what it does:

I think the proximity sensor will always switch on the display if you wave a hand near the Atom.

If you have the display set to turnoff during playback and trigger the proximity sensor, the small artwork/bitrate screen shows briefly, then the full artwork for a time, then blank. If you have it set not to turnoff during playback, triggering the sensor shows the bitrate screen briefly, then it reverts to displaying the full artwork. There’s probably some way of changing this behaviour, but I’ve not found it. Oh for a proper manual!


I’m starting to think the only way is to just keep trying things until it works for you and yes a real manual would be fantastic, it’s my first Naim product and I must say for the money it’s fantastic, I just wanted to get to know the odd quirks before I start spending serious money (as we do!) on othe Naim kit

Hi @Suedkiez Thank you for the information. I now have it playing without the display on.

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Hi @james_n Thank you. It is now playing without the display on.

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Hi @PeakMan Thanks for the information. I never realised that it had a proximty sensor.

Hi @PeakMan oh yes for a proper manual! It is a good job they do not manufacture machinary with moving parts or hazardous chemicals :grinning:

So I find the display quite annoying, it seems to me neither logical or functional in doing what I really want it to do. It almost seems like a step backwards to how the screens work on my older 272 & UnitiLite.

On those older green screen models the display shows the info and then goes off after a user definable timeout (I think between 10 seconds & 2 hours), it then comes back on if you change volume, source etc and then times out again later, which is great and perfect. This functionality took some time to come on that older generation I think and before that the display was either on or a clock, hence why you see many older ones with burnt screens where the clock digits were!

I would like similar functionality if possible for the Atom (and others) as on all the time, I worry it will burn the screen (I may be worrying about nothing) and off is of little use to me.

I would prefer it to be on showing nice graphics (timed or permanent) whilst I’m playing streamed music from Roon, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify or uPnP but when I switch to the analogue input, I use mine as an AV input (in AV Fixed Volume mode) I do not want / need a static wiggly line showing 24/7 so would prefer it off or to time out.

I really want to make the best use of the screen’s capabilities whilst playing streamed music, I don’t want to have look at my phone or iPad, that’s kind of ok for single person, but I want us all to be able to see what’s playing and I’d prefer to look at a screen a distance away rather than close up.

Someone suggested have the screen on all the time, but have the Atom go into auto stand by after a period of time when not in use, but this is also no good to me as I want it on 24/7, not only to stay warm (maybe not needed so much these days) but also because the device is used as the front left and right channels in an AV setup and as it annoyingly does not respond to Infra Red control, when my wife or kids turn on the TV, if the Atom has already auto shutdown since my Logitech Harmony can’t ensure it is on when it starts up the TV they’d loose much of the sound and have to ring me / the Dad support line…

In summary, I’d like the Atom to have a screen either on for streaming but off for static input logos or if tricky then just have a timeout instead of just being permanently either on or off.


Is this possible at all Naim?!?!

No, see my above post with the link to the possible on/off behaviors - that’s it.

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Thanks, is it possible for Naim for add this functionality by software update?

Possible certainly, as the new streamers have a capable computer inside. Whether they will, I can’t say :slight_smile: There certainly were various request for screen behaviors. I would recommend that you post in the feature request thread, which is monitored by Naim:

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