BBC internet radio problems?

Hi guys,

Anyone else suffering drop outs and disconnection from the BBC stations on the Muso HLS streams?

Barely goes 10 mins without the buffer emptying and struggling to re connect.

It’s behaving OK for me - buffer always full on both R3 & R2 on NDX with 70Mb/s

A frequent but irregular problem. A switch up and down the presets seems to effect a ‘cure’

I’ve been using the Qb since xmas without a single problem. A couple of weeks ago I updated the firmware, since then BBC radio has become clitchy, cuts out for a second or two. Last night it took 15 min to connect to the router, no room coulds be found.

I can’t decide wether to do a factory reset and go back to original firmware or install latest upgrade released a couple of days ago.

Thanks all.

Yes, it did seem to be since the update, and it was losing the room from the app.

However i have just unplugged it and left it for 10 mins.

Powered it back up and so far seems to be ok.

I think the update messed up the Muso network settings.

Yes! On both Mu-so and Qb, with wi-fi. It only started in the last few weeks and it only does it sometimes. When it’s bad it is unlistenable - dropping out every few minutes. No problems with the the NDS, which is wired. I initially thought it must be something to do with my network but Radio Paradise and Spotify are both fine. It has seemed a bit better over recent days. The problem occurs with both the HD and ordinary Radio 4 HLS streams so I suspect it might be a BBC issue. It would be great to know the answer. Has anybody contacted the BBC or Naim?

One of you guys with Muso needs to e-mail & link this thread to Naim Support, Naim don’t routinely monitor the forum, it’s pointless me doing so with an NDX that is working fine.

Hi Will can you point the right person at this BBC issue


Just noticed this thread. I have also been having regular issues with dropouts on BBC HLS streams over the past couple of weeks on a Qb running the latest 1.7 firmware.

I have solid wifi coverage from Unifi access points and I can stream 192k/24 from my NAS to the Qb without any issues so it does seem to be a problem specific to iRadio.

Yes - my Nova occasionally (perhaps once a day) drops out for a second when listening to Radio 3. It’s a wired connection. It’s a mild irritant but nowhere near bad enough to do anything about.

Both Musos have been behaving very weirdly today on BBC internet radio.

Each is stuttering, winding back 2 or 3 seconds and then continuing. Every so often there is a longer drop out and everything returns to normal in a time sense, but not in a news sense.

My iPad is completely stable; no drops, rewinds or anything else weird, apart from the news itself.

Both Musos operate wirelessly as, of course, does the iPad. Both have been recently updated.

Anybody have an explanation for this?

Back to FM.

Having the same issues today, on a 272. This is becoming tiresome; mine hasn’t been used since the weekend, I’m working from home today and have settled down to a dose of Today on R4 only to find exactly as described above - it struggles to connect, stutters, drops out then comes back on again for a while. Repeat ad nauseum.

Now on R Paradise for a while - which has also just blipped.

I can’t get any R4 on iradio at all. Same last night. The other BBC stations are ok and this is on several streamers, which I have tried restarting. All other iradio seems fine so it’s just R4 that isnt working.

Seems like something is going on as I see another forum thread reporting the same.
My NDX has been on BBC R4 since 06:30, then to Radio Paradise, then in the last 10 mins on BBC R2 (yuk) I don’t have a problem & I have been watching the buffer meter & it’s a continuous 100%.
Sorry its not helpful, but probably indicative of a local problem. If it persists it might be worth an e-mail to Naim support

I’ve flagged this for Naim to look into.

This is a quite technical solution, but I switched the 272 off and then switched it back on again.

Touch wood it’s ok, it lasted to the end of Today and found R Paradise as quickly as it usually does.

I’ve had similar issues but only with Radio 4 on my Muso QB for the past 24 hours . Using the app to monitor the stream it alternates between “connecting” and “restoring history”. Also the iRadio page for BBC Radio 4 does not load. Gone through turning off and on, but no difference.

This has been happening on and off for at least 2 years.
Never had a problem with radio Paradise, Naim & Linn channels or other stations only BBC HLS
Got to a point at it would always drop out at 19:10 +/- 2 mins on R4 , so disrupting the Archers. Now just catch up on demand

This has been happening for me since yesterday. I called Naim support but they weren’t aware of any vTuner issues and just suggested waiting for a while to see if the problem went away. Not that helpful really. We’re listening to the Radio 4 LW HD stream which is unaffected. It’s only an issue with Radio 4 HD, all the other BBC HLS streams are fine.

Add me to the list: it took some playing around yesterday to confirm that the problem of cutting-out and re-buffering (e.g. hearing the same dialogue a second time) is limited to Radio 4.

I recently performed the Mu-So Qb update but can’t say whether this problem dates back to that update.

Before reading this thread I decided to perform a factory reset (okay) but then found I couldn’t access Radio 4 (not okay!) and checked the forum to find I’m not alone with this Radio 4 issue.

Now trying a Firmware update but the iPad screen simply hangs - 15+ minutes on, listening to Classic FM instead of beloved Radio 4.

Wired connection.
Not happy.