Best internet radio anyone?


Thanks for that list, looks like we’re going to have some fun trying then out.

We used to listen to JazzFM until for some reason, it kept cutting out, then we found Jazz24, which we really like as there are no adverts.

We were with JazzFM for many years and before Christmas 2019, they had some weekly bundle competitions leading up to the Christmas. We were lucky enough to win the first weeks bundle, which included some tickets to see Gregory Porter at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This got delayed a number of times due to Covid.

But it eventually did happen in October 2021, where we were treated to the middle front row seats. We made a weekend of it and stayed in the Union Jack Club and had a great weekend, with Gregory being absolutely fantastic.


Both the listening quality and the choice of music transmitted are excellent. It’s a pity that with BluOS I don’t see what track it is…

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WRTI is one of my favourite jazz stations. They do not transmit metadata so you are not missing anything.

I got to know this radio thanks to your list… :+1::+1::+1:

There are lots of good ones.
Give a try to RelaxingJazz (or Relaxing Jazz) from St. Lucia too - nice.

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A forum user @pnwsound reported a problem with radio station KEXP 90.3 Seattle which was not working but was OK on their website.

It is useful to remember that station outages may be due to several reasons including:-

  1. Station ceased broadcasting.
  2. Station streaming issue usually resolved within hour or two, or by next day.
  3. Changed station URL (the station streaming address).
  4. User network issue or equipment mal-function/error.

There are several checks on the situation:-
Does it play on station website or is there a service message?
Does it play in vTuner (which is used by Naim)? see vTuner Internet Radio
Does it work later or on the next day?
If you have the stream address you can often paste into a browser to check it works.

The user reported the station played on the website. However if stations change their URL they will typically change the website link (therefore it works) but do not inform anyone else hence station accessed by other means no longer works.

In this case KEXP had changed their station stream URL and the issue was resolved when vTuner was able to apply the new URL.

This may be helpful in diagnosing and resolving future user station issues.

Enjoying a different jazz station today
KJazz 88.1 FM (from Long Beach) - nice syation


Enjoying another jazz station
Jazz de Ville - jazz stream (from Amsterdam) - excellent

credit to @DogWalker for the original nod a while back.