Best internet radio anyone?

Whilst running in my ND555 since the end of December I’ve been listening to Radio Paradise, main and mellow mix stations and also the main Naim station and Deep Vibes. I must say I have warmed to internet radio. I will investigate further as the ND555 burns in and beyond. Thanks for your recommendations.

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No idea. this is how the SuperUniti shows it:

But I found a way to store the presets in the UnitiServe, need to go to its IP-adress using the flashplayer. Awkward, but it works.

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There are some great Internet radio stations with excellent SQ. Better than many people expect.
Many such stations have been listed earlier in this thread.

Yes indeed, many thanks. I will be revisiting some of the posts and trying these!


The Jazz Groove e-mailed me yesterday to advise of a problem with their web streams which were not working. Today they are streaming the same channel in aac on both Mix1 and Mix2 (known as East and West to vTuner users), and on all five premium (subscription) flac channels.

Apparently their website is playing OK (but that is not us).

Their website states “Our engineers are working on a known outage. In the meantime, please listen directly from which is working fine.”.

No doubt they will sort it soon.

Jazz groove working fine today

I think you will find it is still playing the “same aac stream” on all the web stream channels.
Not fixed yet.

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Any news on Jazz Groove?
I never got email btw

Still down - playing Dizzy … in aac on all seven channels on the web streams as I write.
I lobbed them some dosh a couple of years ago for their Premium flac channels - so I guess I am on “their e-mail list”.
UPDATE: “Our engineers are still working to resolve technical issues. In the meantime, please listen directly from We expect the issue to be resolved on Tuesday or Wed.”

Thursday still not back

Mother Earth have two other stations but I can’t find them on the naim tuner any luck anyone?