BETA - Forum Feedback


When you use the dark theme the Naim logo disappears in the upper left corner. But the area is still clickable.


It’s nice and intuitive to navigate and use. Only a first impression, although I remember being frustrated with the last (latest live) iteration of the forum for a long time.

Some foot of page navigation will be useful. Maybe,a back/top link or a jump box? Perhaps the fixed (or should that be floating?) header will be populated soon. This would fix it.


I view the forum on an iPad mini. I don’t seem to be able the zoom in or expand the screen.
Usually I would “spread” 2 fingers on the screen to enlarge the image but doesn’t seem to work.

I find much of the icon detail too small and hard to use, hence the idea of increasing the image size.


Ok… obviously operator error… all working fine today for me on the iPad


Working ok today.
Except for the posting delay…


Well I am sure there will be a lot of teething problems and complaints, but by and large I really like this it has a “fresh” new feel to it. I like the idea that SJB copied from Roon of a pic of all the brand topics identified so people can narrow their browsing down.
In terms of the forum helping Naim I wonder if we could have a way of communicating interesting products we have tried, technologies that we have heard or come across, and just general ways of helping without it being open to all…so it ends up as a bun fight.


Site is working well on android Galaxy S8.


Has anyone found a way to select a different sort order? My preference would be to have the latest replies at the top of the page rather than at the base so I don’t have to trudge through the ones i’ve already seen since last accessing that topic.


I am finding when I go into a thread it’s automatically taking me to the last unread post, does your view not do that?



This has the useful aspect that as you type a new topic it searches for similar topics and suggests you add to them instead.

This has saved many a duplicate posting on the Roon forum. Your 2 month closure policy will make this less useful than it otherwise could be.



SJB, I think the automatic closure works well, otherwise it just gets silly with some long lost thread suddenly resurrected and nobody having noticed that the topic was started years ago, while spending valuable time and energy advising the OP on something that’s long past. I think 60 days of inactivity is just about right, and if anybody does particularly wish to re-open a closed thread, they need only ask, and in most cases I’m happy oblige.


Fair enough and you have the experience. I was coming from the angle of a lot of people complaining about the same question asked over and over.



I don’t mind members asking the same questions, just so long as it’s not the same members who keep doing it. Often it’s how new members start out engaging with the forum, so I’m generally happy to oblige, but with a reminder that conducting a search on old topics and reading through the FAQ is a good idea in learning about the basics of Naim.


Thank you. I think I would have eventually discovered that but it was only the second time of accessing this forum.


Somethink I don’t like is that you can’t preview a photo before posting it like you could in HoopLa. You just see the URL. Yesterday I accidentally posted the wrong screenshot (it contained my email address) but I didn’t see it until it was posted, then had to edit the post quickly to correct my mistake.


There is a preview box?

“Aesthetically pleasing” if you can help with the crossword?



Artistic? But only if error in 8D


Indeed 8 down should be accuse. Thanks.



Not that I can see on iOS/Safari/Discourse


I can see on Safari on my MacBook.