Birding Time, Your local and international patch…

You are probably right. It is the second time this week that I meet the group, three brown birds and a white one on a trail of a nature preserve.

Found this little one waiting at the door. Luckily, he perked up and flew off after a while. Not sure why he was there in the first place


Looks like a Goldcrest very nice, glad he flew off.

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Yep. He perked up a bit an hung around our railings for a bit to get his bearings back. Tony little thing, first time I’ve seen one so close.


Gorgeous little thing, may have crashed into one of your windows. It’s a frill watching them recover and fly away.

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Have just seen a troop of goldcrests…got really close unbelievably…within 3 feet…!!! Its a long time since I have seen these…


The collective noun for a flock of goldfinch is a ‘charm’.

My local goldfinches, after a summer of nesting, some more than one brood, and feeding from my garden stuff, have now gone out to feed in the autumn countryside.
I expect, as they have every year, that they will start to come back in numbers on the garden feeders around Nov/Dec.

Thanks…thats a really endearing name…I just used troop as there were about 8 of them busying them selves very close together - they appeared quite industrious!!!

A Goldfinch is a very different bird to a Goldcrest.

Thanks to this thread I think I might have identified a wee little bird that seems to have appeared this year. Earlier in the year I noticed this extremely small bird running up the tree trunk and disappearing in to the leaves but not sitting anywhere obvious on a branch. Being small I assumed it had disappeared in to the foliage. I described it to Mrs Bruss as being like tree creeper but more yellow and running up the tree not down. Since then despite most afternoons a small flock of them darting in from the conifers to one side of the field I have failed to see one of them being still enough to identify them. Looking them up I think they might just be these.

Superb shot…brilliant…love these busy little chaps

Yes, I was replying t Richieroo on his goldfinch post.
I normally have goldfinch in my garden on a daily basis, in pairs during spring & families in summer, Then in winter I get the sizable ‘charms’ that, prior to the 2006 outbreak of Trichomonas, could number >30 individuals.

I also get goldcrest feeding around the garden on odd occasions during the winter.
In spring/summer they nest in a few places around the village, yew trees in the church yard are favourites. I’ve also found them in dense hawthorn & blackberry shrubs on the hill beside my house. They take some finding, but keen ears & their high pitched ‘zi ziz zi’ is the giveaway.

Here is my updated bird feeding station:

Wishing everyone a lovely evening/day :relaxed:


I wasn’t aware @Richieroo had posted about Goldfinches?
Were you referring to this one, or am I having a Senior Moment again? :crazy_face:

Yes I was referring to Richieroo’s post on goldfinches, so I guess you were having a senior moment.

Now I know you must be screwing with me. :smile:

Richieroo’s post was about GoldCRESTS and your answer was about GoldFINCHES.
With all due respect, which of us is having the senior moment??? :crazy_face:

It looks like the bark of my tree……it has a laburnum like leaf?

Here are the leaves (you have the same tree in your garden):

Wishing you a lovely evening :relaxed:

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Oh err??? it looks like its me, I really thought I read that post as goldfinches.
I either must take more tablets, or maybe more water with.



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