Building Lego

Saturn V, Lunar Module, Shuttle & of course Concorde, soon as I get some free :slight_smile: time

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Built the Saturn 5, will post photos later, it’s a good build.

Built Saturn V, Lunar Lander, Shuttle, both Mars rovers, Hayabusa, and numerous space flight related MOCs………

There’s a pretty good MOC of Envisat (on which I worked) that I must get around to some day. Perhaps after Concorde, Rivendell (with two extensions), and I’d still like a Soyuz at 110 scale, to match my other launchers.

Concorde by Airbus (cough) is on the Xmas list. Disappointing that they don’t offer either BA or AF colour schemes. I feel some MOC work coming on.

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My wife was very impressed by this (as the owner of a single heddle loom), commenting that they’d got the tensioning exactly right - it’s the straight edges apparently.

She wants one!

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A few photos of my Saturn 5



That reminded me of our old doorbell. :thinking: :wink:

My two McLaren’s :grin: well Lego Speed Champion’s versions.


Just found this thread … sure.
I ha collected and build Lego for some time … now display space is my problem ?


That’s a nice display, space is a big problem.

This is great :grin:

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Just started the A Frame House, which comes complete with mini record deck