Building Lego

I bought (and built) my wife the two rose set for Valentine’s Day - she thought it was most amusing -tbf, she got some stuff from Lush as well.

I was thinking about the bunch for our anniversary next month, but on reflection, some jewellery might be more appropriate - something centred around a ruby. **

**think about it!

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Titanic suggestion. :+1:

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Spring is coming…


Here are all of the units of the Harry Potter castle together.

The Great Hall, Whomping Willow, Clock Tower and Astronomy Tower.


That’s quite impressive.

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Many thanks. James (who was 8 in September) built a good 80% of it. I helped with some parts. He will be pleased to hear about your comment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My Latest Effort, The Hocus Pocus House, not an easy build, very flimsy in places, apologies for the quality of the Photos


Quick question…

I gave Mrs VV the Wildflower one for her birthday, photos to follow.

She loved it and has just completed it after a very careful build, now the question should she have about 20 random bits left over?


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Lego sets often have a few “spares”; IIRC, Titanic had about a dozen spares ( in around 9K total bricks!). However, I don’t recall the Wildflower set having more than half a dozen spares, so twenty would suggest a reread of the instructions.

Anyway, with the spares, you start a stache, get onto bricklink & rebrickable and start building MOCs (My Own Creations). And thus, a passing interest becomes a full time hobby! (Worse than bl00dy hifi & photography, but maybe not as expensive. Unless you wish to recreate the Forth Railway Bridge, a topographical map of the Lake District, or an Airbus A380!)**

**all of which can be found via Goggle…at around 40K bricks a shot! Astonishing and beautiful. Especially the A380!

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Thanks @suzywong
Will suggest a checkup, although I can see where they come from and nothing seems to be missing.

Thought I might make a start on recreating this one all 800,000~ pieces

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Superb! And that’s only the Imperial Light Cruiser.
There have been some glorious cathedrals built as well.

This is where it ends up……you have been warned!


First hit on an interweb search for cathedrals brought this up…

Due for release June 2024 Notre Dame in the Architecture series…

Might ask for birthday in August

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Not impressed by the pics I’ve seen of ND. I think my next will be The Orient Express.

Although I may have to paint up a “murder victim”…….and a small Belgian detective with a magnificent moustache.

“If you must have a moustache, let it be a real moustache – a thing of beauty such as mine.”

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Don’t bother starting small, go big! You definitely need a Titanic.

On a serious note, it sounds like you and Mrs VV have become converts, it’s a great stress buster and a nice way to pass the time with something to share at the end, Enjoy :wink:

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Building this.

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Son’s 8th birthday yesterday - he got this. Fun build (he built it, I was the “piece locator”).


Starting the build of a new cat toy!

The track gauge nicely matches the Hogwarts Castle set:

I foresee a track extension in the future and then both can sit on top of the bookcases in the lounge, well out of reach of inquisitive paws.


Excellent, looking forward to seeing them both together.

Started building this, the Super Mario Cube