Cable management, aka the rat's nest is driving me doolally

I know expert help is here somewhere – I’ve seen the system pics, where all is pristine and sensible.

Surely I can’t be the only one who looks behind my racks and sees an ever-growing horror of tangled cables, dust bunnies and general reproof.

What strategies do you use to keep yours organized and keep yourself and your significant other sane?


My strategy - not that I’d ever call it that - is simple - make it & keep it tidy.
I make my own IC & power cables so these are made to fit & that removes all the loops & other rats nest tendencies.
I also have a shorted NDX-XPS burndy
I designed & made the rack to incorporate a place for the power distribution block & a hiding place for one channel speaker cables - folded not rolled.
Cables live in plastic conduit
You might note I don’t follow the loose loops & not touching anything malarkey


I’m impressed, Mike.

Doolally, now there’s a word (admittedly great, and fully understood here) you’d never have thought would make it into a thread title on the forum…


No wonder you complained about XPS fuses blowing!


Yikes! Whoever owns that lot wins (if “wins” is the right word), Peder.

Peder, you are being unfair pulling out pictures from the forum with no context from the original posting. This a great system, all systems need an overhaul from time to time, you need a strip down. The owner of the system has a good sense of humour…but you pushing your luck.

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Hey Gazza, I hope that was resolved. I was unaware of the context.

Ooo me sir !!! , weren’t me, 'onest.
The only XPS fuses I have blown was when I had one at home on demo.
I should have added a sneaky little ‘T’ to the T-XPS.
But, yes maybe a speel cheker mite be yousfull

Its not my system…just a picture somebody has pulled out from the past on the forum…someone i know. Its a great system. The wires are irrelevant…if it sounds wonderful for the owner, so be it.

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:small_blue_diamond:Gazza,…This lovely picture above has another friend sent to me.
I thought it was a funny joke to Bhoyo’s thread.

I understand of course,that also the owner of the system must have posted it as a joke.


+1 for that great word. Takes me back years.
Maybe we should start a new thread on good old fashioned words/ phrases


:small_blue_diamond:Gazza,…Out of respect for you,.and your friend,…I have removed the picture.

But agree that it was really funny :sunglasses:.
I hope this was a joke-picture,and that your friend has better track of their cables than the image showed.


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I’m looking again at your solution, Mike. What do you mean by “folded not rolled”? Is it bad practice to loop long cords and hold them together with twist ties?

:small_blue_diamond:Bhoyo,…Short answer,.yes,it’s a bad idea to roll up wires.
Put them back and forth instead.

And,…never “pull together” cables too hard…then you kill the music in your music-system.
Let them “hang as freely as possible”.
If you have to “pull together” some,.do it very,very loosely.


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Yes indeed, to “shorten” a length of speaker cable it should be folded not rolled. Rolling a cable adds inductance & although one or two turns won’t be significant, each circle (turn) adds to the sum & will cause the top end to roll off.
Folding, each half turn to the right followed by half a turn to the left cancels the inductance.

Folding with ty-wraps is good, this pic is Naim NACA5, I do the same with Cord Odyssey


This is great, Mike. Thanks.

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Or you can leave it as a rat’s nest like I do and get on with your life…




Tempted, David. But my wife has decreed that this is no longer an option.

:small_blue_diamond:Davidhendon,…:grin::+1:t2:…But it all depends on how much you care about getting the maximum soundquality.