Can the SN3 route my sources through an atom HE when listening to headphones?

I have a SN3 and ND5XS2, both of which I am happy with and don’t want to change.My TT and CD player are connected to my SN3.

I am thinking of adding an Atom HE to use JUST as a headphone amp. I suspect it would be significantly better than the headphone amp in my SN3. Does the SN3 have some type of pass through (may be the wrong words) that would allow me to switch between headphones snd speakers ?

You could use a suitable wired DIN5 to 2xRCA cable to take an output from the av in/out or stream in/out sockets. These sockets can be used to route the selected input signal on the SN3 to an external device such as a headphone amp or recording device.

These outputs bypass the volume and balance controls on the SN3. You’ll just need to mute the SN3 to turn off the speakers connected to it when using headphones via an external headphone amp.

Whilst there are no issues in using this facility to feed the signal to the RCA analogue input on the Atom HE, it does seem a waste of the Atom HE’s capabilities though and you may be better off getting a dedicated headphone amp. Plenty of good headphone amps around to choose from.

Useful info on connectivity and cables in the FAQ

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