Casting from iphone

I recently discovered the joys of podcasts. What is the best way to listen to them from iPhone to my system, which consists of a NDS and four Unitiqutes (1 first gen, 3 second gen, all updated). The latter are in alcove with speakers going to the various rooms.

I suspect I need a cable from my iPhone to the beasts. I hope that the usb port accepts inputs
Is there a way to cast from the phone using Bluetooth?

My son manages to cast from his iphone Spotify to my ND555. I’ve Bluetooth disabled and no aerials connected, so I’ve no idea how he is managing to connect.



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Interesting question which I will try and answer based a UQ2 and iPhone 12 using lightning to USB cable into streamer.
Quick check, Music on iPhone plays, so if podcast can be downloaded to music app then it likely works.
Next option is to locate podcast in Naim app under iRadio. The list here is not comprehensive for such as BBC.
What doesn’t seem to work is RP or BBC sounds playing on phone and thence connected to UQ2. The UQ2 shows a menu of 6, when the phone is plugged in. Likely a restriction put on Naim by Apple. Apple Music on phone does play and RP et al does play via the same cable to a speaker like Dali Katch, which I use for travelling. Hope that helps.

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Graeme only the very very last of the first gen streamers had bluetooth as a feature from the factory.
It wasn’t offered on UQ1 at all; not sure about the NDS, which @Camphuw also has.
Likely if you don’t have bluetooth enabled, airplay or Spotify connect was possibly used, but neither an option on earlier units.
In case you aren’t aware, there can be an issue with casting from I believe Spotify, which has been covered in other threads, but it concerns sudden starts and volume issues. Sorry I don’t use either so can’t help, but maybe try search.
Just had a quick look and this thread may be of interest.

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If you can’t get it to work with a cable from your iPhone, have a look at the Eve Play.

It might be a bit pricey for 5 of them.

Do you have a spare iOS device that you could connect to the USB port of one of your streamers? This should play podcasts, and you could then use multiroom to stream them to your other rooms.

Bluetooth should work too, as long as you remain within range of the streamer it is connected to. Wander into another room holding your phone and you’ll lose the connection. No multiroom option either with Bluetooth.

An Airport Express with optical connection is another option. This avoids the issue of dropping the connection if you leave the room, but you can’t use it with multiroom unless you have an AE connected to every streamer.

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Thanks. Yes, I had seen the Spotify / volume issue. Interestingly my airplay is disabled. All a mystery to me.


Thank you all for your suggestions. @ChrisSU this seems to be the best solution as I have an old iPhone that I use with Lebara to listen to cricket when out and about. I do have a spare AirPort Extreme that has a USB port, and a couple of AirPort towers that also have USB ports, but I can’t see that helps me. Perhaps I’m a bit dense today.

@sound-hound thanks for the tips; I will now have to get dusty to find a suitable port at the back of the UQs. My frustration is with the BBC podcasts as I can never find the one I want.

Would it be too much to ask Naim to add in a direct link to BBC Sounds?

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Interesting I had not heard of Eve Play. As I understand it, it’s a Texas Instruments gizmo that uses AirPlay. I wonder if it was plugged into my network, which devices would it identify, if any, or would it need to be plugged into a UQ?

For Airplay/optical you need Airport Express, not Airport Extreme. Also you’ll need one for every streamer you want to use for podcasts.
The iPhone/USB option might be better, as you just need one to multiroom to your other streamers - that’s assuming they are not very old models with no multiroom support.

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All the iDevices should see an Airplay device if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi or hardwired LAN segment, you’d just need to click on the Control Other Speakers & TVs on the bottom bar.

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Essentially a brand closely related with the Apple HomeKit universe has (recently) reinvented the AirPort Express audio features. :wink:
Possibly with higher quality audio components and without the other IT functions (WiFi access point/router, printer server).

So it does AirPlay (only) as input and digital or analoge (line) output to upgrade an existing amplifier (or similar) with AirPlay.

(Much less flexible than some similar Yamaha devices and others across the years. Strictly for Apple-(only-)homes.)


Podcasts are also available under Internet Radio.

Didn’t realise till I did a search.

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As a matter of interest, how does that help with first gen streamers without airplay?

I did say “see an Airplay device” in reply to camphuws comment that read “I wonder if it was plugged into my network”.

You’d be able to use Airplay to an Eve Home or Airport Express connected to an RCA or optical input.

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You don’t need any wires, just use AirPlay. Mrs HH uses it all the time to listen to BBC Sounds on our Qb1 in the kitchen. Just get the podcast going, flick down the screen in the iPhone and touch the AirPlay button. The four speakers shown are our various Naims. Just pick the one you want to use.

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First attempt: usb cable into front of UQs. No response from BBC podcasts, nor from the Naim app menu, and yes usb input enabled.

Second attempt: usb cable into NDS. Still no response from BBC podcasts, but those shown in the Naim app work.

Sadly @HungryHalibut i can only cast to my TV and MacMini.

Ok the partial solution to the BBC conundrum is use the podcast app on the iPhone and choose the BBC channel. The down side is that some of my downloads on BBC sounds are not available on the podcast channel.

I’m confused here. If it works for me it should work for you, surely. Without wishing to sound patronising, are you doing it correctly? When the podcast is playing and you can hear it from your phone, flick down the screen from the top right and you’ll see this:

You then touch the AirPlay icon in the box that shows the podcast is playing, and that gives the screen I posted above, where you can choose your speaker.

I’ve tried it on both my Qb1s, which are both really early ones, and it works perfectly on both. I don’t believe there are any special settings; I checked on the QBs’ input settings and both have an AirPlay input showing. Have you done something clever with your network whereby you have different zones or something? That said, if your iPhone can control all of your Naim’s using the F&N app, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Ah @HungryHalibut but I have UQs and NDS.
I might have to consider an upgrade … but is it worthwhile?

I’m so sorry, I misread UQ as Qb. What a pillock. That must be why it works for me and not you.

Can you not just find the podcasts in the App and listen to them that way? Mrs HH finds BBC Sounds easier than the App, but it’s perfectly doable.

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