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Anyone fancy a pint?


Gets my vote……assuming that it would come in a glass, as opposed to being au naturelle.

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Please :slightly_smiling_face:

I only have Heineken … poor me.

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Just spares prices mate

The original OP here,

I have read through all the replies many times.

Yes- the NDAC does come with the plug- and yes I have moved house and cant find it. Amazingly these things do happen.

I actually have had NAIM gear for more than 18 years, not 10 years and in that time have spent a lot of money because of the sound that is attainable.

However, many people who defend the cost have lost perspective- first of all why design equipment that cant work without a “plug” and two, the value for money/retention of spares -that are critical to the item functioning.

Can I afford to buy the plug- yes I can, can I afford to buy the latest Naim- I am lucky to be able to say yes.

Will I ever buy NAIM equipment again–Never! There are many people who have Naim equipment but have been alienated by ridiculous pricing structures. All those who want to pay through the nose for the NAIM experience please be my guest.

Without such people who are on this forum and who are so dedicated NAIM would already be out of business and consigned to the history books.

Hi, I’m sorry to read that you have lost the link plug for your nDac after a house move. Is it possible you put it in another Naim box for safe keeping, even if not the nDac box? Serious question.

Anyway, I hope you can resolve it either way.


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Some Naim link plugs are quite cheap to replace (under £20) so I don’t think there is any systematic extortion going on. I assume that the price relates to the costs in some way.

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I think the DIN plug based ones are relatively inexpensive (c. £10 GB). But I imagine the Burndy based ones are not… (c. £100+ GB)

Cost of the Plugs.


You’ve lost a link plug so those of us using & enjoying Naim equipment (and I have to say in my experience, Naim’s excellent after sales service) are gullible & should stop using Naim? It’s a shame you’ve lost the plug.


My guess is that those Burndy connectors are patented and that therefore those plugs are more expensive.

Burndy connectors are much bigger, than DIN plugs… :neutral_face:

Much Bigger.

You’ve sold up then, are no longer a Naim sheep…so…'bye.

Or if you prefer…baahh.

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You want to know about some Naim audio accessories that are really overpriced?

Take a look at this excerpt from the AV Options price list:

Includes Foam Ends, bag & packing inserts - Double boxed for shipping

Small chassis carton For HICAP sized cases $175
Slimline chassis carton Fits 3 & 5 series cases $195
Large chassis carton Fits NAP 250 sized cases $195

NOTE: Naim carton prices reflect high import shipping costs to bring in bulky items from England

I sure hope that AV Options sends those cartons sealed so that buyers get the whiff of Salisbury air they paid so handsomely for.

Couldn’t these items be manufactured locally for much less?


For an accessory to a product that was discontinued 7(?) years ago!

To think one would have to pay about the price of a fairly decent meal in a restaurant for 2 with a drink for a plug that will save one spending on a power supply - well it’s ludicrous really and why can’t Naim supply happy meal accessories.



Don’t really understand your aversion to Naim. You say you’ve been a Naim owner for over 18 years and you can afford to buy new ones if you wanted, but now all of a sudden you’re annoyed at how much a plug costs? Seems a bit odd I must say. All hifi has become more expensive over the years, regardless of brand, so your outrage is hard to understand.


I do think you are over-reacting a bit here… Making specific small part that needs soldering and testing, storing and selling via the dealer network costs. I dont think its profiteering. Be glad its not a similar part for your BMW…


Thread Summary - So Far…

  • The OP seems to have lost an nDAC Link Plug (NB its a Link Plug - without it the nDAC will not work, stand alone, without an XPS).
  • Its not clear if the nDAC Link Plug was lost or never received. Assuming lost.
  • The OP is a little unhappy at the cost of a new replacement nDAC Link Plug (which is available) and asks Naim to explain or justify this.
  • Various people have tried to help the OP or explain, but without very much success.
  • The OP may now sell all their Naim gear, which just maybe is an overreaction.

Time for a Beer or an Ice Cream… :crazy_face:

I do not think anything anyone can write on here will satisfy the OP or make them happier.

Trying To Be Agreeable But Failing


Neighbour needed a sensor (or something similar) for the suspension on his BMW X5, as the car was old the dealer and BMW UK didn’t have one, the part had to come from HQ, after waiting 3 months the part eventually arrived, with a price tag of just over £2k once VAT had been added, then of course there was the labour to fit it.

The dealer did state that once one of the sensors fails usually the one on the other side does as well, he would have to go through the same process again.

Neighbour had the car fixed and then promptly sold it.


Possibly No 97 in my series of disappearing posts and threads.

I once had a customer ring in to say he was buying a second hand CDS2 from one of our dealers - and he wanted it to include a FLASH remote control. I replied that this was part of the original offer but the sale now could only be for what was being offered and any omissions subject to some price adjustment.

“But I want a FLASH (!) and Naim should provide one - the player originally came with one.”

I explained that:
We had not made the FLASH for many years.
We had none around the factory and/but
I wouldn’t feel any need to give him any one so discovered - he was buying from the retailer and that was where THIS approach should be made.

He said he wanted a FLASH - and seemed very disappointed with me.

He later rang, quite jolly, to let me know that there was a FLASH with his CDS2 but he had other complaints about how it handled some of the music he played. Our chats so far had taken up perhaps two hours.

Even later he rang - annoyed that I hadn’t been available at a first attempt. (I had sneaked down to the canteen at 1.59 to grab some crumbs from the lunch service (EVERYONE rings during their lunchtime).

He was now entirely happy with his purchase - having placed an immense and heavy bible on top of the player and “You’ve never heard massed, male choirs like this, it’s sublime”. Would I pass this discovery on to Roy George as his previously unlistenable device was now entirely satisfactory.? This intelligence took him another inordinate time to express and I (with my snazzy bluetooth headset on) eventually retired to an empty meeting room and was to be found banging (quietly) my head on the floor.

They’re always right.