CD collection has to go


I’ve got around 1500 cd’s. Ripped all of them and copied them to a NAS. Ditched my cd player for years until I got a Rega Apollo. I’m never going to get rid of my cd’s now. The cd’s sound notably better and I don’t know why…


Strange. If anything should be the other way round. What are you using to play them (I can see a NAS in your profile, but not a streamer or ‘transport’ and DAC, unless you use the CD’s DAC?

Regardless of the practical/legal issues, or even notwithstanding the fact I only play them a few times a year, a collection of anything is, to me, a sort of diary. What you don’t put down in words, you capture in triggered memories and emotions from the time you bought them.

For this reason, I make a point of keeping all my CDs, video games, DVDs from the start. Even the embarrassing ones I bought when I was about 12. They are like mental time capsules from another lifetime.

I’ve regretted it every time I decided to move something on. My old Laserdisc collection. Atari 2600 and games from late 70s.

I can still pull off CD X from my shelf and remember the time I bought it at the Our Price in the high street on my way back from picking up my first CD player (Sony D121 Discman) from Argos. To me, that is really valuable.




I sold a rare 2-box set of Brian Eno CDs last year for nearly £100.

Please don’t encourage him to post even more clip art cliches.


Well due to all the earthquakes I’ve been in and typhoons, I’m all for “prepping”.

But if you want to see real hoarding, just look in Mrs.FZ closets. Or in fact the closets in every room that were commandeered. Aye Caramba!

I associate hoarding with the psychology of keeping thousands of paper shopping bags; closets filled to the max like Tetris with beauty products never opened from 20 years ago. That’s what I’m faced with. My lifetime of physical media take up very little on comparison. And where sentimental attachments don’t exist, I do sling it. I got shot of a lifetime’s worth of books in favour of my Kindle. The bookshelves were truly massive and then they were gone. … Of course Mrs. FZ promptly had built-in ones made and had a company print 20,000 pictures off the NAS which she then files hard copies of… the oldest of which are already fading but I have to bite my lip on that or face wrath.

So yeah, maybe I’m a hoarder by some definition but it’s a sliding scale and I’m firmly at the lower end if on it all all.


You have just encapsulated something I was trying to explain about something else completely.

I have masses of coffee mugs, they are from places I visited, theatre shows I attended , pets I had and other assorted memories.

Anybody else would ask why do I need so many mugs , but to me they aren’t mugs they are parts of memory

Hope that makes sense


returning to the original thread :thread:, I wonder out of my increasing collection of CDs :cd:, how many are actually favourites and do I need the surplus ?

Keep what you need and discard the rest ?

My view would be give them to the charity shop in small batches

Does beg the question with downloaded music. I have been legitimately purchasing and downloading music to my NAS for years, but ask me to proved proof of purchase for music I downloaded 15-20 years ago!

My idea is to make it someone else’s problem :wink:

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That was meant in jest (have you seen my equipment list?). Apologies if I hit a sore nerve regarding the Mrs!

No nerves hit at all. Don’t worry. :laughing:

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Spot on,I am wondering what percentage of my CDs do I actually listen to on a. Regular basis?

Irrespective of format I wonder what percentage of our music we listen too, my collection is small (@600 titles Vinyl/CD)?

There is a group of artists I listen to regularly and a wider group occasionally but there is some music I haven’t listened to in years.


That’s a good question I figured out I could almost drive around Australia without hearing the same twice. I’ve albums I’ve listened to once and even some that I’ve never listened too.


If I move a lot of stuff won’t be moving with me and that includes CDs, books etc.

When I go on holiday I always take a good supply of audio books and suddenly today :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:have just noticed that I have a whole pile of books on tape

It’s only for fun and done in “ The Best Possible Taste.” :wink: :+1:t2: