CD companion to new classic 200 range

So I got the NSC222 amd NAP250 and started listening to vinyl. Really enjoying this. But vinyl is quite expensive and I keep seeing the CD version of albums for half the price or less.

So, I am considering a CD player too. Naim doesn’t seem to make one. Does it make sense to get one? I am considering a CD transport but actually don’t own more than 2 CDs.

What would make a good combination? I am looking for CD transport since the NSC222 has a DAC.

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Had you considered the Naim cd5si?

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If the 222 has a half-decent digital input then a CD5XS would be good (used in digital out mode)……


Why not just stream the music?:thinking:


NSC222 is a decent streamer, so you could rip all your CD’s to say your computer and then steam from the computer, or get a NAS drive to copy them to, and that can then stream all your music without needing your laptop on. Plus you also have means to backup your computer(s)

Alternatively (or on addition) using something like Tidal to stream from. You used to get a free trial, so that’s got to be worth trying. If you decide to keep Tidal, then it’s basically the cost of 1 CD a month

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Apart from streaming hi-res files, the Uniti Core would be a great choice. It would visually match, though you have to rip the CD and then have it on file for replay.

plenty of quality transports out there. Depending on how serious your CD desire is forgoing the 222’s DAC and putting on Naim’s last remaining CD player 5si makes sense. Otherwise a quality transport. I’m fond of the TEACs but honestly I won’t go into specifics. I think once you sit down and answer questions to yourself about how important CD is in your listening habits, your path forward will suddenly boil down to about two products. Right now, it’s not clear if this is serious or casual, frequent or rare listening.

As such there are too many options on the table.


The only CD player currently in Naim’s lineup is the CD5Si… not the best. A preferable solution would be to rip your existing CDs on your computer using Exact Audio Copy and store them on a NAS/USB drive for playback on the NSC222. Then buy any new music in digital form for storage on the NAS/USB drive and playback on the NSC222.

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The whole idea of getting a streaming pre is to stream, not?
If not, get a 282 and a good phono, or 332 .
Just wondering why you need a cd player as you just bought a 222.
The CD5i is not at the same level. A project cd transport or Audiolab into the 222 dac should do the task.
But a 300 ps would more enhance your system, streaming and vinyl.


Audiolab 6000CDT would be a good way to dip your toe in the water and its performance may give you quite a surprise!


I would start by ripping a few CDs on a computer, storing them on a USB stick and plugging that into the 222. If you find this works for you then you can look into getting a CD player or ripper/storage solution like the Core, there are some cheaper ones out there if you feel the Core is too expensive.

We all have to start out somewhere :grin:

There’s nothing like the physically medie, I’ve grown up with vinyl, tape and later on CD’s.

Streaming is for me radio and if I need to explore new music, do I like it, I buy the CD.
Have thousands of records, admittedly they take up place.

I don’t buy new vinyl as quality isn’t what it was, and prices are insane, I just buy the CD record.

As for which CD player you should buy…
Get one which is supported, not only next year but for the future.

Rega do support their players which are among the few performing as good as the better Naim CD players (not the entrylevel CD5Si)
Rega is a bit more pleasing to ear while something like a CDX can rip off the wall paper.
I’m sure these CD players will perform much better than a low cost CD transport into your DAC, but do try for yourself.


Why use a core if CDs have been ripped on a computer? Simply store the ripped files on a high capacity USB stick and plug into the back of the 222. Probably better sound quality as well this way.

Why not just rip the CDs, or simply buy downloads.


The OP has asked about CD transports.
So - please - don’t respond by telling then to just stream or buy downloads… :thinking:



Why not? It’s a fair suggestion. he only has 2 CD’s.

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The OP actually posted this , so the suggestions and advice around alternatives appear appropriate.

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There’s always eBay:

The Core Rips sound better than a PC Rips. Star rips are between the two in my experience.

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It’s funny, those who have the CD5si say that it is very good musically (including me), and those who do not say that it is not at the level…

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