CD3 Platter dropping on Spindle

I have observed a quick fix to this from ex. dealers and done it myself to great effect. This method seems to last 5-10 years, then I do it again. However, when a potential purchaser saw the remnants of a drop of something on the platter, they were perturbed.
I have searched the forum to see if I could justify the actual fix in relation to their observations. I found a couple of references from you about ‘a very quick fix’, but no mention of what it was. Is this something that is within forum rules that you are prepared to share?

Edit: It may not be in the spirit of a forum to ask a question of one person (albeit a VIP), so happy to hear from anyone who knows.

I think I have read about this. Superglue of some sort, I think…?

Paging @NeilS - !!

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I just get my thumbnails under the platter and gently click it back up into position. I think some recommend a tiny drop of superglue, but when I say tiny, I mean it otherwise it could run down the shaft and destroy the mech. Needless to say, I don’t risk it!

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That’s the one IanR and Richard. Superglue is the magic sauce that my dealers used too, and I have continued the tradition over the decades when needed. I guess the appearance of it within a nice looking box can elicit concern that I had never perceived to be an issue though. It just seemed to work.

I believe @NeilS has quoted a specific type that Naim used - ??

Magick Superglue from Salisbury… Druids May Be Involved… :mage:

Excellent. Audiophile superglue is way too underrepresented.

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Here’s a couple of posts on the topic, if they’re of use. First one suggests use of cocktail stick to minimise the amount of glue. They’re both relating to a different player, just in case that isn’t clear


I think that’s Loctite 380e - from one of the posts I quoted


:sunglasses: That will be the one…!!

" LOCTITE ® 380E is a black, medium viscosity, rubber toughened, ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive with increased flexibility and peel strength."

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I think it would have been chosen for its mechanical properties rather than sonic so it keeps the thing in place over a long period. Just in case the phrase “snake oil” has popped into anyone’s head :blush:

I will see if Locktite 380E is available here for next time I need it. The CD3 will now be coming back home to me, as the guy I sold it to can’t cope with the thought of superglue, or of tape on CD’s (Thin CD issues on other threads). I guess I’ll get to enjoy it for a bit longer.

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