Cd5si comes last

Hi All,
I am running XS2+HC2+CD5si.
For my records I use the Cyrus Signature and sound is awesome - with air and stage.
For my media I use Bluesound node with Chord Qtest and again… sound is open and clear.
Only with my CD5si that connected the XS2 with DIN cable - sound is dull. Boring.
Nothing like the phono or the DAC.

I am considering to upgrade the XS2 to SN but is there something else I can do to upgrade the sound of my CD?


Are you listening to the same track across all sources? CD5si shouldn’t sound dull and boring. If it’s fairly old, might be due a service (10-15yrs). Is the puck in good shape? I use a Denon universal player for cd into my Nait5si and that sounds on a par with my streamer and turntable.

I await the lynching but I have a CD5si and possibly for no money to try put RCA connectors in instead of the din and try.
Remember to select the correct output on the CDP by remote.
If your not amazed I will be. :+1:t2:

Has the CD5si got its own separate shelf on a rack?

(But basically, I think a CDX2.2 or CD5XS into your Qutest would do you.)

A former work colleague has a 5si with his XS2 sounds great, certainly not dull.

I will definitely try this one :point_up:t2:

You won’t regret it. :+1:t2:

Actually no… it is the only one that is on the XS2…:man_facepalming:… is this is it?..

Have you tried simply unplugging the interconnect and then plugging it back in again several times at both ends to clean the contacts?

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Will try this as well.
Same time I will connect the CD via RCA to one of the Aux inputs and compare by switching between… how does it sound?

Just plug the RCA into the RCA for CD input below the Din socket.
Like For Like.
It’s not subtle :+1:t2:
In fact you can leave both cables in to compare just change the output by remote on the CDP.
You can keep the same volume setting and just compare.
I see the din at first as it came with it glad I tried RCA the din is deaf and dull.

I must apologize… but I didn’t understand…
How can you switch between the RCA and the DIN if both on CD?..:thinking:

Hi these are the instructions you want two 00 only for RCA
If just connect RCA without selecting you get nothing.
The CDP from the factory is set to din you have to tell the CDP where to sent the tunes.RCA output.
If you have both connected you can use this switching method to compare.

Agree, the 5si shouldn’t be sounding dull, its a fine player.

Yes you can keep both cables in but it’s a compromise. The advice is to have only one connection to avoid messing up the earthing arrangements.

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Leave both in to compare then when the decision is made remove the unused ones.
And select only one output on the CDP :+1:t2:

You should try putting the CD player on its own shelf - it could well be affected by the power supply in the amp.

When I had the CD5si I too used both (although not at the same time) connections to the XS2.
I found the RCA more airy with more resolution which was more suitable for low level late night listening.
Interestingly I found when it came to listening at louder levels the RCA seemed disjointed and all over the place. Where as the DIN connection seemed more resolute, confident and the music more of a piece.
Of course there’s more to it than differences between the connections. I was using the suberb original Nordost Heimdall RCA cable that had oodles of low level resolution of details and textures.
Using aswell the stock DIN cable.

Ok. Both on CD input. And I configured it as RCA. The cables are short Chord RCA. Playing Miles Tutu CD. Sounds lovely. I usually hear on low level volume. 55db.
Haven’t compared with the DIN yet…


One last dumb question :raising_hand_man:
if the CDP is selected why bother removing the unused one?
Maybe I can use the RCA for low level and the DIN for High…

Currently, the RCA does sound a bit more airy and stagey

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