Channel Break Through On SN3


I was listening to my NDS streamer, which is connected to the streamer input on my SN3.
I then accidentally pressed the button marked Tuner and I could still here the streamer, though at a reduced volume.
So I tried all the other inputs and I had the same result.
Is this normal of for the SN3, or indeed any amp?
Thank you.

Try using a pair of RCA on a single item and try it.
I don’t have any crosstalk on my SN3 but coincidentally I don’t use Din connectors.
Worth trying :thinking: :+1:t2:

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I’m fairly sure there’s been a thread or two on here about that. I can’t immediately find it, will try and find it/them later. I don’t think it’s unheard of…

It would appear to be the new din lead my dealer has lent me to try. It is a ZenSati Zorro.
Put my Witch Hat one back and all is fine.
I have my bluetooth receiver connected via RCA and that is fine.
Thank you for the responces.


A weird one. Maybe the loan lead is faulty…?

Or the Witch Hat was offended, at being removed and put a curse on your system… :open_mouth:

The ‘stream’ input also has outputs for the tape loop, so if the Zorro is wired oddly this could have unpredictable (by me anyway) effects.

Try it in the ‘tuner’ input instead and see if it’s different.

In any case - I’d be a bit wary of the Zorro…

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That’s a good outcome and free!

Hi @AndyR

I will try that over the weekend.
Thank you.

If you know the lead is faulty why would you try it somewhere else and maybe do damage. :scream:

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Hi @Skeptikal

Good point.
I am a bear of very little brain.
Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.

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Not at all I just didn’t want to spoil your weekend. :wink: :+1:t2:

Perfectly normal and, even, to be expected.

That is - if you have no source connected to the Tuner input.

All unconnected inputs may have this low level leakage which is a consequence of the signal earths not being switched along with the signal positives.


You only get crosstalk on poorly designed shared channel systems.
None on my SN3 but I use RCA not Din.
Crosstalk is a fault. :scream:

Hi @Adam.Meredith

I have my bluetooth receiver connected to the tuner input.

Curious - I have only heard the minor signal leakage on unconnected inputs at high volume - where it really isn’t a problem.

Hi @Adam.Meredith

I only experienced today with this loan din lead.
I use a mixture of Din and RCA, on different inputs, and it does not happen with these.
Must be an issue with the loan Din.

Here’s the thread I recall about it before

I know you prefer RCA to DIN, but… what do you think happens to the RCA ‘cold’ connection once it’s inside the box?

I don’t care it’s the connectivity that’s the problem.
And sharing of signals or earths in the path to get there.
The sound difference is not subtle and the surface area connection per conductor is far bigger. :+1:t2:

I get low level breakthrough on all inputs with ndx2 connected to stream input via DIN