Concerts Planned for 2023

We have pretty good tickets for Brad Mehldau at the Sheldon in St. Louis. We bought them soon after tickets went on sale.

FWIW: the Sheldon is acoustically excellent. I have heard some really great concerts there. It’s an old converted theater. Lots and lots of wood panelling make for a wonderful hall sound.

Coming up over the next few weeks - concerts by Ron Carter and The Cookers (Billy Harper et al) in London.

Couple of pictures from Toyah & Robert at Birmingham TH - 29th Oct’23 -

She is the same age as me… he is older…!!!


I have seen some footage of this tour and its a great set and concert👍

They played Cropredy Festival this year, my favourite set of those I saw. I felt for the second guitarist, he played some sizzling guitar work, then Fripp took over and was in a different league.

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Yes……the other guy was bloody amazing, but Fripp is still in another league.

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There were 3 guitarists at Birmingham TH. It was also the last date on the tour. At several points, in the 2nd half, each of the other guitarists launched into pretty good, conventional solos, followed by the other one. Then Robert hit back with something from another planet…


Off to see the Australian Pink Floyd tonight…


Tonight. Faure’s Requiem is a moving piece.

I’m feeling a bit unsophisticated after Collywobble’s post about the glorious Fauré Requiem. :grinning: I’m off to see Arthur Brown, Gong and Ozric Tentacles.


Love the Ozric Tentacles. Remember them doing a “short” gig at Glastonbury in the travellers field. It ended at 5 in the morning !

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This one taken at Ron Carter’s stellar gig at Cadogan Hall on Thursday night, with his Quartet. 85 years young and still at the top of his game !


I’ve seen Ozric live as well, memorable stuff.

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Arthur Brown played a one hour set, the Ozrics and Gong each played 90 minutes. 3 great sets, and I think my ears have stopped ringing now.


Next up for me is Jah Wobble and band playing “Metal Box-Rebuilt in Dub” at Edgehill University in Ormskirk, West Lancashire on Dec 7th . Still a few tickets left at a bargain 10 quid

Tonight is the Saw Doctors at the Hammersmith Odeon.