Naim & Focal 10th Anniversary Edition

As someone who owns no Naim and is therefore not invested in the brand, I’m not sure of the wisdom of branding Forum members conservative. I’m certainly not conservative, and I wonder who these people you believe it’s aimed at actually are. People who will happily drop £28,000 on a mullet system maybe. People not worried about the challenges of future upgrades? People with more money than sense?


Is this an early April Fool’s?

You are wrong! I Just recently bought a Naim Mu-So 2 for my sitting room/kitchen ! Maybe I should have added IMHO?

Let’s stay way from calling other members names. Thanks.


The grey colour looks fine and the black knobs are growing on me with an all black Fraim.


Slight diversion, see this link. Congratulations Clare

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As I understand it Clare has gone to work for an organisation that is associated with Naim. @Richard.Dane if this is wrong or breeches rules please moderate or delete.

Can I suggest Naim consider offering a future case respray service voucher with every grey set they sell……

Even in jest? Isn’t that a bit Conservative LoL

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Having assumed it was a joke, I have to say it looks pretty good, shame in a way it’s a one-off, a second colour option would help fit into rooms.

An opportunity arose with a PR Co. (Litte Red Rooster) that she couldn’t let pass by. From what I understand she will still be doing some PR work for Naim though


Hmmm, I don’t have a problem with a limited edition system, and if it helps Naim sales that’s great.

What puzzles me is this…

I followed the link in the email to the pages on website detailing the Anniversary Edition gear. And then to find out more, I did as Naim suggested and explored the full range, (well actually just the Classic).

And there still are shown the 202, 200 and 272 as CURRENT products. Helpfully the NAP100 is discretely labled as “Discontinued”


I think it looks more modern and I could easily see it fitting in a very modern space.

The NAC202 and NAP200 production is suspended due to the parts supply issues, so not officially discontinued.

Ahh, thanks for that. Here in sunny Perth news can be a bit problematic.

I thought I was going to get a used 282, but sadly my deal fizzled, so thinking of just grabbing a 202 to get me through for a few years. All the Australian dealers list them as current, (at the new price), but none can supply.


Yeah, I think you’re right, the black knobs and fraim color are not working for me.

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Wow!, just wow!

I personally like it but you would have to pair it with an all black Fraim…

My view is that the Anniversary Edition is not aimed at forum members who have already bought into the Naim brand. I think the aim is to introduce well-heeled folk new to both the brands and likely younger than the forum average age. Naim and Focal need to attract new customers or move Muso or Bentley owner into the main ranges and help the companies to continue to thrive long term and this type of product will likely help do this. And that can only be a good thing I feel, as I want Naim to continue developing excellent products.

Also, I do wonder how many will be made? The release didn’t say how many or I didn’t notice how many. If very limited, it might be a good investment for someone with £28K needing a home? So maybe it is aimed at a few of the well-heeled forum users who are savvy about this kind of thing?


Naim’s association with Focal seems to have shifted the focus to marketing. I’m a bit surprised with this move as it doesn’t really reflect their brand identity (focus on what’s IN the black boxes), and once you lose that…

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