Connecting NAIM 52 and supercap to the Naim Crossover and HiCap

I would be interested to see & understand this. I failed to find any pictures on the web showing the underside of a NAC52 chassis.

AIUI, there are two boards, one per channel. Richard posted this pic ( from Kuma, I believe) about four years ago .
You can see the edge of the second board, and what looks like an “absence of metal” (a large hole) directly underneath.

The NAC52 used a pair of sandwiched main boards. For the Phono input, one daughter board was positioned on the top main board and the second daughter board positioned on the lower main board underneath. Obviously, the only way the second daughter board could be fitted was via a hole in the U shaped alloy chassis tray.

I may have an image of this somewhere, but it could mean looking through thousands of pictures in my Naim picture files…

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Yes. Venice Audio. Good guy.

This picture seems to show two 526 link boards along side each other, above the top PCB, behind the Phono inputs…?

Yes, on that one there are two inputs that have NA526s and one input that has NA528s. Obviously it may not have left the factory like that…

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Ok, so actually a really confusing set of boards…!!

I can spot the 528, with its blue adjustable pot. So below that, as pictured, are two 526’s alongside each other, but these are for different inputs…? Guessing that the one in the bottom left corner would be for the Phono Input, input 1…?

Yes, a bit complicated with the swappable boards on so many inputs, which is perhaps why (as well as the arrival of the CDS) this was changed fairly early on to just having swappable boards on the phono input and straight through on the other inputs.

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i am late - you could add an “@” and search for the user name - so we (I am) are notified. :slight_smile:
All is said by now - older 52 with need of service.
Really like to emphasize @Richard.Dane comment - prefix is perfect for your LP12 and feeding it from 52 is preferred to feeding it from hicap.

Hi Richard, i ordered the 2 new 523k phono boards today. they will arrive by end of the month. I will have the capacitors checked upon arrival before installation. are there any photos with them installed and or instructions on how to install? thanks again for all your help.

HI Ian, i did exactly that about a year ago had both parts serviced. I did not hink to ask about the phono boards just assumed they were in there. Took some time to get my system all up and running the way i envisioned. then i decided to upgrade my 82 to the 52 and found this problem. Ordered the boards now will have them checked upon arrival then will have to install them and hopefully i will be good to go. thanks again for your help.

Carefully remove the outer sleeve (feet need to be removed) being careful not to break or chip the fascia as it can get quite brittle with age. Trace back the boards that go to the BNCs on the Phono input. Remove the old boards by pinching the lock tabs on the little white retainer that fits through the middle of the board and just gentle wiggle the boards up so they disconnect from the pins. Fitting the new boards is the reverse. Be sure that all the pins locate and that the lock tabs engage.

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Unclear how you would do that…? Measuring capacitors still in circuit will not give correct results - and removing them yourself is outside the forum TOU.

The 52 seems to have been a ‘work in progress’ long after its initial release. I recall an FAQ post from your predecessor detailing some of the changes:


Very good re-post. The key seems to be -

*** Main Board Revision 3 (latest)
From Oct 1992 (S/N 80965) links fitted in place of link boards.

Suggesting that there are 3 versions of the Main Board(s).

And more good work by @Adam.Meredith … again… :expressionless:

Hi Ian, i confirmed withe seller today that these 2 photo boards are NEW and never used or out of the box. He is confident that there is no need to check anything and that they will work well out of the box. He has sold several other pairs without any issues. I am trying to get some install diagrams and instructions to install them once received. No success so far for my vintage. maybe someone on the forum has info they can share. regards Frank

Frank, see my post above with instructions;

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HI Chris/Richard. thank you both so much for the education on my vintage 52. I reviewed the crono of Significant changes by S/N and my SN is 68593 so I am in the pre SN 79143 group. Which changes do you suggest i have done to my 52 to optimize the performance? Thanks Frank

These 523K boards may well be ‘un-run’, but they were not made this year…!!
Capacitors deteriorate based on time from their manufacture - not on their running time.
Bloody Annoying Facts.

Your Sellers confidence is not well founded, IMO. But YMMV…

They will likely ‘work’ - but why not get them serviced…?

Frank, yours is an early one so unfortunately it’s not cost effective to do updates such as the display board. Just don’t lose the rather lovely metal remote handset as the code set was proprietary to Naim, replacements are unobtainium, and no other handset will work with the pre-amp. The RC5 display board update was very worthwhile because of this, but was very costly to do, so was dropped around 10-15 years ago. Otherwise, a service of the pre-amp and PS would be the first priority and the POTS8 upgrade is probably the most worthwhile after that (or at the same time).

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