Connecting NDX to nDAC

Hi folks,

I know this may seem like a straight forward question but I can’t find what I believe is the correct cable [S/PDIF] online. Could some kind person point me in the right direction please.

Many thanks!

There is an official naim cable, often available on the used market:

There are many other options at various price points.

People on this forum have reported the Mark Grant HDX is a great budget alternative (£30). I’m sure other posters will tell us what they use.

All the major cable manufacturers offer digital interconnects, but not all are available with BNC terminations.

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Thanks Iain, that confirms my suspicions :slight_smile:

Not cheap are they!

The DC1 isn’t cheap, but most people seem to be happy with cheaper alternatives.

Personally, whilst we have a DC1 it was sourced used as a bit of an indulgence. We initially had another good quality digital interconnect (recycled from a previous system), which sounded just fine.

Some people don’t like the DC1 as it is not very flexible which can hinder cable dressing.

Lots of other threads on this, for example (this one is for an RCA to BNC but many manufacturer options are listed)…

naim, Chord, Mark Grant… endless list!


If a DC1 is out of reach then look for a digital i/c that’s 75ohm coaxial with 75ohm BNCs at each end.

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Thanks Richard…

Managed to find a DC1 and nDAC on ebay this morning… looking forward to seeing what difference they make to my system…


Quick work!

Sure you’ll be delighted.

Thanks Iain. I’m hoping to get a decent uplift in SQ from what is a relatively modest outlay…

nDAC is fantastic value.

Of course a power supply, if added, will increase the budget just a tad!

  • 1 on adding even a modest power supply to the nDAC tkes the performance ro the next level.
    Goid luck and happy listening.

Just a quick update … the nDac arrived today.
I’ve got it hooked up and working. What a great bit of kit this is… Bang for buck I think it’s the best upgrade I’ve made.

I’ve gone about my upgrades against the accepted source first philosophy, starting with speakers, then pre amp, then amp… and I must say the nDac is the cherry on the cake.
Already wondering what an external power supply will bring to it.

Thanks again for the support and comments in this thread.


nDAC is an absolute gem for the money, isn’t it!

Get saving! A PSU on the nDAC is another step change in SQ.

We wondered whether it was silly putting a 555PSDR on a DAC which cost us £1k. As soon as it settled in those worries disappeared.

Get the best PSU you can afford for your nDAC, it will justify it.


Yes its an absolute steal… I paid 1k for mine, its a 2013…

I was thinking about an XPS-2, my local dealer has a used one… Don’t think I can stretch to a 555 just yet…

I’ve read that it also benefits (in its non powered form) from an upgraded mains cable, though I imagine that may be a less cost effective option.


Got an olive XPS on mine. Well worthwhile.


We have a Powerline on ours, even with external PSU, as nDAC is still powered from mains as well.

Like all naim kit it reacts well to it. Buy used.

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My suggestion would be to hold out for a good used 555PS. Sure, the XPS is still good, but a 555 really makes the NDAC sing. Used prices may well fall as people start moving to New Classic boxes that are in the pipeline.
Many of us preferred the older non-DR version of the 555 when paired with an NDAC, so that would be my first choice.

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Thats interesting to know… I’ll keep my eye open for a non DR …

Thank you!

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Ah ok… I thought I would dispense with the power cable. So that powers the controls then I guess?

Just be sure to check the service history, as any older unit may be due a recap/service, and if not done, you may want to budget for it.