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God I hope the Ashes are more interesting.

Im not sure it s a lack of pride - even Stokes has needed to make decisions about which forms of cricket he plays and which he doesn’t. Timing of the matches is all wrong - thats down to the respective authorities, players aren’t machines as top class football teams have learnt to play A,B and C teams in order to fulfil fixtures. Better planning of matches is what’s needed here

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To a point yes, but you’re a professional player, that’s your choice. Most of us couldn’t ring our boss and tell them we’re not coming to work cause I’m tied and couldn’t be bothered.

This is a spectacular stuffing. I don’t have BT Sooet, so can’t watch it, but the England team feels disengaged from way the radio commentary is describing their performance. Not to take anything away from the Australians, a spectacular opening partnership and excellent bowling is getting its due reward.

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Congratulations must go to the ECB for devaluing their own brand. Dumb.

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Not sure how many are really following these matches, tucked away on an obscure TV channel, not great timing (in may ways) and with no real significance .

But as you say devaluing the brand.

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Yes I’m sure that most of you guys have your attention firmly pointed at the Middle East, which makes it even more puzzling why the ECB would even have considered it was a good idea.

We don’t have another home sires of ODI’s before next years WC in India.

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Anyway, as England’s visit to Australia comes to an end, I think it all needs putting into perspective. Lol.


Thank heavens for that watching England’s innings was the like pulling hair out of your own bum. :grin:

However you right guess we would have rather had that moment than the pointless excuse of series we’ve just witnessed.

Buttler speaking his mind. Straight talking to the BBC.

Not watching I’ve fallen asleep. :grin:

Largest margins of victory in ODIs……

What is the gist of his comments?

Can’t disagree with that.

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England captain Jos Buttler on BBC Test Match Special: "We’ve fallen a long way short. It was always going to be a tough series for us coming off the back of the World Cup but it was just a few games too far.

"Fair play to Australia, they have outplayed us.

"It was always going to be tough whether we made the World Cup final or not. These games aren’t part of the ranking system so there’s not been much on them. Every time you play Australia you want to put in a performance but it has just been hard.

"I’m not fussed about the results, to be honest. It’s about how we play. Dawid Malan’s hundred in the first game was exceptional, James Vince and Sam Billings’ partnership in Sydney was fantastic so they’ve had great exposure and I’m really pleased for their individual performances.

“It doesn’t put any taint on the World Cup win at all for us. We’re very happy with the tour, we’ve got exactly what we wanted from it.”

Alex Hartley

Former England bowler on BBC Test Match Special

The way he said there, it’s a quick turnaround, you have to take care of the players and I don’t care about the results, it takes nothing away from the fact they’re double world champions.

They came here to win the World Cup, not to win the bilateral series. And they’ve done that, and he gave us some honest truths there.

He’s deflated, he looks exhausted. It’s also three games in three different places and the travel days take it out of you too. It’s tough and it needs to be looked at.


Nope cant- he’s nailed it

Ok it’s all starting to sound like excuses now :rofl::grin::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m off to bed, Aussies playing France in the WC tomorrow morning.

Cue the ABBA song title ‘Money, Money, Money’. It was odd to me in seeing Anderson, Stokes & Root on the Grid for the F1 on Sunday, when an England ODI team was playing in Aus.

It’s much the same with Test tours nowadays in that there are so few preparation games.