Morning, just wanted to check that you got my contact details via your website? Cheers.

No we’re going to have to ask @Richard.Dane if he can pass on my current email address. My art website is currently being redeveloped and I think the response is disabled.

OK, Your system sent me a confirmation email back to me, but it was a bit like an out of office reply. I’m working today to will try RD tonight or tomorrow.

Especially for Pete

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Cause we’d love him we love him now. However I do reserve the right to hate him once the games started.


At least he played for Tasmania (if I remember rightly)

The Little Devil

best wishes

PS Banter is one thing … but I hope Warner doesn’t get the sort of abuse he got from some sources

I hoping the banter is light hearted, I’m not sure how I’ll handle that if it isn’t. My luck I’ll probably be sitting in the middle of the fuking barmy army and will just grin and bear it.

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Mike Brearley was interviewed yesterday on the BBC about his memoir. Today this article in the Guardian goes further. Both fascinating.

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From memory, the Barmy Army is not in force at Lords, and the crowd is pretty civilised. ( Famous last words). Full on Barmy army is Edgbaston/Manchester /Leeds.


Ah Lords is very different, first of all it is owned by the members of the MCC and has a different ambiance than to say Trent Bridge or Edgbaston.

Any person heckling will be asked to refrain and then ejaculated from the ground if they don’t.

No fancy dress (so no Imperial Stormtroopers )

Lords has a buzz , of all the grounds I am told that it resembles Melbourne Cricket Club

I am very envious , but I think an all day outing would be not good for the back

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Yep that happened to me Pete at the Rugby World Cup qtr final Cardiff 2007

All Blacks vs France

Luck of draw with the ticket on halfway line excellent seat

Seating in the middle of Frenchman and British gent

I said to both of them at half time that even though the ABs were ahead they would not win the match as not far enough on points and injuries were piling up

Boy did I cop it from both of them at full time when France won , the stadium erupted

All light hearted stuff it was a great experience and what a stadium

Couldn’t be any worse than the last Aus/ABs game in Sydney I went to, we were stuck in the middle of some less then friendly supporters. It’s was horrible and turned me off going (unless I’ve got a seat in one of the boxes).

If anyone is around London on the 28th, day one of the Lords test I’m more than likely in a pub somewhere watching on the big screen. I may need rescuing. :grin:

Does have anyone have ideas which pub would be the safest.

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At least I had the last laugh - neither France nor England won the cup - Harry’s South Africa did

Probably pub in earls court maybe???

I wasn’t that lucky. :rofl::rofl:

We were in a pub in (or around) Chelsea when we played in a one day game. Wasn’t that bad.

Lots of good pubs with large screen TVs

My suggestion for a meet up, would be the Anchor at Bankside , it’s just up from Tate Modern and about a hundred metres from Shakespeare’s Globe ,I’m not sure about the TV aspect .

best wishes


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Sounds like a plan, I’m sure they’ll have some kind of tv.

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I’lll check

best wishes