So, it’s a hoped-for ‘belter’? :grinning:

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That’d be a brave move I’m sure he’ll be warmly welcomed.

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An interesting fact for cricket buffs; since 2017 no team has scored more than 200 in a first innings at Lords. What happened in 2016/2017?

England score over 400 against a weaken SA team

Disclaimer I added the weaken team thing. :grin:

At Lords today. Root and Smith in action



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Just managed to sync the TMS radio commentary with the TV. Much better imho.

Wish I could do that the tv commentary is pretty average.

I was thinking; we have one team who are not used to these conditions. The other team are flattered by the conditions and consequently we don’t really have a match.

It pains me to say it but it would be better if we were playing with that Aussie make of ball.

You have to worry about WIndies and Test Cricket. They send a callow squad, give them minimal warm up in UK conditions and look what happens. This is a pretty poor showing.

Don’t agree re the ball though, it is equal for both sides and a part of what makes English Test Cricket unique.

No prizes to the organisers either. Start on a Wednesday, game over before the weekend. Big refunds follow.



Your comment made me look up the 1976 West Indies cricket team. Compare and contrast, as they used to say in English exams, with the current West Indies touring side…

Or the teams I saw in ‘84 and ‘88, I suspect Marshall would have enjoyed the new ball in these conditions. I was hoping to listen to the Test as I drive back from Salisbury to Yorkshire, sadly I don’t think it’ll last to the motorway.


Most of the 1976 team played their cricket here, and were individually superior to this West Indies team. I watched some of that series, and it was brutal.


The only time I ever saw Marshall bowl was at the Skydome in Toronto. An unlikely location !

Viv Richards I saw batting for Somerset, in tandem with Both. The beer tent was in full song…

Have a good drive !

Malcolm Marshall was a nasty bowler (not in a personal sense, obviously): he had a delivery which would turn into a near “throat ball”, but off a full length.

Marshall and Roberts were a definite step up from Keith Boyce and Bernard Julien, great cricketers both.

Watching the England Women V the New Zealand Women, ouch - a painful experience for the Kiwis

England have been rotating the squad but it is clearly “Professionals V Players” and the players are getting mauled .

Apparently 4 of the top female bowlers are English - including Lauren Bell who is rapidly improving

Sadly rather like men’s test cricket, women’s cricket is getting a big divide between the “Big 3” well funded nations and the others. It’s not as clear a gap in men’s white ball cricket because the franchise leagues around the world give players from all countries a lot of exposure to top level cricket, but the resources and domestic leagues that England, India and Australia have give their players so much more experience outside of men’s T20 and 50 over forms.
After getting that off my chest, I’d like to say how good it is to watch the England spinners hunting as a pack.


And Jon Lewis is doing a good job


Eng v WI today at Trent Bridge and (no spoilers), it seems the highlights would be worth catching up with.

Definitely a decent backing track!


Must have a good DJ there. :grin: