Cyrus CDi-xr CD player


I am thinking of rebooting my cd collection.

I have a Supernait 3 with a HiCap DR and was thinking of adding this player.

I would go for an CDX 2 but worried about its longevity and the CD5 Si seems a bit basic.

Anyone using this player with Naim kit - would appreciate your impressions?

Thanks all!


Depends if you already own a dedicated DAC or not. I think these days high end cd players are not required. A cd transport and separate DAC gives much better sound quality

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Or so you might think.

I am on a similar journey with a SN2/HCDR.

Spent ages yesterday with the dealer trying different combinations.

We both thought the Rega Saturn 111 with its double dac came top of the modest price level heap.


I have a Supernait 3 partnered with a CD5si and it’s far from basic.
Don’t let the prices determine the value it does what it has to.
And the bonus of only having to have one remote too. :+1:t2:


I had the Cyrus and it was good. Surpassed what Naim has available but it had issues. I now have CEC CD5 and am happy. It is a good match for my Naim system but not comparable to my CDS3. CD players seem to be readily available again just not Naim.

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No I don’t have a DAC which is part of its appeal. I also like the size of the Cyrus

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Thanks what sort of issues? Was it an older model?

As I am with a main Naim dealer we tried that combination having owned a CD5s?
He had set it up to replicate my home system with Falcon LS3s.
Even he was surprised by the Rega’s abilities to find the last bit of zzzzzing in the cymbals.

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Your money your ears. :+1:t2:
Experience was asked for and I replied as I see or hear it.
The comparisons are endless and has to stop somewhere I was happy with what it done and matched what I had and had a five year warranty and ease of use with one remote.
Nothing like some of the compromises others do.


My Cyrus CDI XR had a firm ware issue and could not be serviced in the US. I traded it in for a Cyrus Signature Phono with PS. Purchased the CEC CD5 and am happy although CDS3 w 555PS was far better.

Have to say that my Audiolab 9000 CDT through my NDX2 is doing great stuff.


I’ve owned a Cyrus cdi xr for 2 years now with no issues at all there has been a few software/firmware updates in my time of ownership. However the XR series is a new ground up design for Cyrus with potential software updates along the way. ( all manufacturers will at some point issue updates with new products)
All Xr series have update ports on the rear of the products to facilitate easy updates.
The cdi-XR has 2 interface ports, one for the servo the other for user interface.
I have found it straightforward to download and update my player and this solved any issue

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Thanks I am in the UK so that should work favourably if any issues.

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In the end I have done a U turn and purchased a Rega Saturn Mk3 instead!


Mine was put in pride of place today as well

A fine addition.

My OCD will sort the cables out tomorrow. I will have to live with the red display​:face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye:.


I have the same SS stands but a little taller I think! Can you turn the red display off? If not oh well - mixes things up I guess!

The remote will cancel the information display but not the Red Rega.

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Could I be super cheeky and ask you to do a really quick test on the Saturn for me ? If you pause a CD, how long does it stay paused before the machine returns to a stopped state, thus losing place on the disc ? I had a transport which did this after 5 minutes which wasn’t even enough time to make a brew ! If it gets to 10 mins, that would be a win for me. Cheers.

Pressed the start button and cd paused. After 15 minutes pressed the button again and the cd resumed.

Very impressed when compared to NDX2/XPS2.

It is the machine Naim should have developed for those, who on the back of their cd players had amassed large collections.

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I also have an NDX2 with a power supply that I can’t disclose as it isn’t Naim - for some reason you can’t talk about these on the forum. Look forward to making that comparison!