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Anyone have experience of the above?
Sunday afternoon surfing and this gets very good reviews. Happy with my Trichord Diablo but…

A few views here -

Saw that. And the warning about adding the power supply! So far I can see no negative reviews…

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It’s a wonderful piece of kit - especially with the PSXR2 power supply alongside it. Here’s mine in the system. Fits Fraim nicely.


I do enjoy the half sized/ shoebox stuff. I saw your warning about adding the power supply. But I guess that is also the appeal!


Definitely get the psxr2 power supply

Superb piece of kit


I can see where this going already…

I picked one up a couple of weeks ago. Not had a huge amount of time to have serious play but initial thoughts are very positive.


I purchased a Cyrus CDI XR CD player since Naim apparently has no laser mechs to repair my CDS3. I am happy with the sound, plenty of PRAT. Not in the same league as my Naim player but very good. Will add the new power supply when it becomes available in the US. Half width cases are convenient with a full equipment rack already.

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Just ordered one. Having sold a few things on ebay at the week end it feels like a victimless crime. No psu to start with.

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I agree on both counts.

That said, I moved on from it to the Vertere Phono 1, which was a better complement for my Orfofon Red Cadenza/Roksan Radius.

Nevertheless, the Cyrus is fantastic.

Cyrus arrived. On and warming up.
Interestingly the button to illuminate the display also illuminates the 282s lights.
But, it only dims the display, not the other lights on the cyrus :rage:
So far so good. Very good.

I particularly like the fact that you can play with the capacitance/resistance/gain parameters ‘in flight’ whilst listening to records and then save the values which you prefer. Great for setting up a new cartridge. It’s also useful not to have to use fiddly DIP switches and that you can add the separate power supply later as an upgrade. A great sounding piece of kit from Cyrus I think…

Yes, being able to tweak is both a blessing and a curse. I’m trying to work out what audiable differences the load and capacitance make.
Too little load and the cartridge definitely sounds bland. But once above 150ohm, struggling to hear anything changing.

I think that the best settings are entirely system dependent but I understood that for MCs load capacitance is less important (hence I leave the default of 220pF) and that, as a general rule, impedance should be 10 times a cartridge’s internal impedance or more. My cartridge has an internal impedance of 5 ohms hence I’m currently deciding between 47 and 100 Ohms impedance. Gain is easier as the Cyrus manual suggests an appropriate level depending on the output of a cartridge.

Ultimately it’s part of the fun to balance the settings to give the best sound. Couple that with VTA, tracking force, bias etc. and there is a lifetime of fun! And that’s before you get to individual record pressings…

No doubt someone more technical than me can give better advice on the potential best settings for a MC cartridge…

Yep, left capacitance at 220uF. Can’t hear any differences when I change that.
Cartridge resistance is 12 ohm and Benz suggest a minimum of 100 ohm. I’ve set load at 150 ohm.
Gain set at 60dB.


Gain 60db
R 100
C 1nF

Works for me

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Of course the settings depend on your cartridge. I had to go on the Benz website to get the details for my ACE Sl. Then translate their blurb into Cyrus terms. But the 60dB is not busting the VU meters on the Cyrus. Load is odd. Makes a real difference upto 100ohm, then any effect is difficult to hear. Not sure what any downsides could be?

I think that lower ohm value settings affect higher frequencies making music sound duller however once you get to a setting of approx 10 times the value of the internal cartridge impedance the full frequency range is passed through to your amplifier without adverse effects. So increasing the ohm settings above this level shouldn’t result in any change to the sound.

Having said that I know that some people do report more realism to music at higher settings (more than 10 times). I think it’s a case of ‘trial and error’ to find the sound which you prefer. In any case the risk is that a low setting will ‘round off’ higher frequencies…

I borrowed an aria recently to see if it was worth upgrading my stageline (apheta 3) as on paper the stageline is an impedance mismatch but to be honest I don’t think it really made any real difference which dip switch settings I used. The aria sounded a bit different to the stageline but not better so the Rega cart which nominally wants to see 100ohms is obviously happy at the stagelines 470…