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Guys just checking in on how you are all doing (I sincerely hope you are managing / feeling as well as possible).


thanks. I’m having my 23rd RT session later this morning, then five more. Then I’ll have to check my PSA. I’m feeling ok, especially since I chose to quit HT… I can focus on what I think is important and, paradoxically, I feel that my life and my time are in my hands, for the first time ever. What will come counts relatively.
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Thanks for asking Ive been ok the last few days but have a hell of a May which I’m not looking forward too. Got chemo in the first week and the last plus stem cell harvest. Had a call from my cancer consultant today apparently that includes self injecting. I’ll be glad when it’s all over. Cheers.


Fingers crossed for May and hope the self injecting isn’t as bad as my mind would imagine. :heart:

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Good to hear, I have to say the HT is far worse than RT so don’t blame you. Took me over a year from the last HT for my body to return to normal (ish) other than the odd Testosterone spike (Jan I was Mr Angry, I was having arguments in an empty room with just myself!).


Chemo come down at weekend. Still feel a bit ragged. Going slow today back at work after sleeping most of the weekend. Hopefully one more chemo session in 2 weeks. It’s tough!


Hang in there gentlemen. Having been through both Chemo and self-injecting, I can empathise.

Best wishes,



It’s my last chemo session today. Been a rough ride at times. Had to have blood transfusion last week as I have been so tired. I have had to continue working during the treatment which has ended up being 3 to 4 days a week. I am only 50 and have bills to pay and am self employed. If I don’t work I have very little income.

Anyway, been feeling low at times over last week. I think it’s fear of the unknown. I am normally more upbeat. I haven’t seen some of my kids much due to tiredness and the fact that they pass any illness on to me.

My system has provided so much fun and solace in difficult times. You guys on here have been great.

Looking forward to happier times hopefully going forwards. Looking at further operations though! Next up in potential liver resection and lung resection.


It’s okay to have the lows Dan. This is a major milestone to reach, so celebrate that in a way that has meaning for you. And remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn, no matter what happens. There is a permanence in all things that transcends the trials of life.


Having lows at some point during treatment is normal I think. Your positive attitude and determination to keep going as normal as much as you can is admirable. The end of treatment is I recall a bit of a scary time, as you say you are heading into the unknown. It sounds like your doctors have a plan and whilst you wait for that, continue to enjoy your fabulous system. In a few weeks once the chemo effects on the immune system you will be able to see your kids.


Hang in there. You know all reading this thread are rooting for you. (And for everyone else fighting this awful disease.)

Your comment about working highlights the reality for many people, different from those fortunate enough to work for employers with good sick pay schemes. (Maybe King Charles could be persuaded to highlight this aspect of things to create a public debate about it…)


Dan, You have been and continue to be a legend on this journey and I admire how you have gone approached this awful process. Remember when you feel low there is always the next high to look forward to. Enjoy your system, keep being you :heart:


The music always helps, and you have a magnificent system to play with too (I’m quite jealous :grinning:).

We are all rooting for you, and I for one always look forward to your posts! Keep strong. We need you too.


Still rooting for you in the heart of Canada! Hang in there!


Fingers crossed that you recover quickly from the kick chemo will give you, keep enjoying the music. I’m thinking of you and am amazed by the strength you are showing. All the best Dan.


I got through the last session. Was there for 8 hours. Almost fainted twice with canular fitting problems.

Anyway, it’s done now and I am home safe and sound.

Thanks for all your replies and support!


This will make you smile. A few years ago I was having something done that needed sedation, via a canula. The nurse tried both inner elbows. Neither worked. So she tried the back of both hands in a few places. I was getting really stressed and of course the blood drains from the skin to protect your organs. I’ll let an anaesthetist do it in the theatre she said. He took one look at my hands and arms covered in plasters, and the fact I was white as a sheet. We need to warm your hand up, he says, takes my hand and shoves it between his thighs, saying it was the warmest place. It worked like a dream, despite being rather unconventional.

It must be a relief to have the horrible chemo over with. Fingers crossed it’s done what was intended.


Absolute classic HH!

I have so many canulars fitted, bloods taken, scans with contrast that need canulars. It’s been relentless on my veins.

Will see what happens with scan results. But at previous scans things were very psoitive!

I am not going down without a fight. Nothing has been easy. But am still here after almost 2 years of operation, radiotherapy with chemo and latest batch of chemo.

I am not going anywhere guys!


All the very best



I was expecting you to say a hot water bottle or similar👍

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