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My last anaesthetist was a rather attractive young lady…

I don’t think that would have worked


Something might have risen, but not veins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Endless canularisation definitely takes its toll on the hands & arms. I remember my daughter’s bruises from a few years ago, poor thing. Thankfully, they do heal.



My wife spent New Year in hospital. An incompetent nurse tried to fit a canula - apparently thumbs first, encountering bone… then one elbow, multiple tries, finally the other, installing too long a needle that resulted in any elbow movement causing pain - not great for several days in a hospital bed. Maybe her nurse had been on the same training course as yours!

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As you increase the amount of canulars and blood tests and so on your veins become weak and rupture. This is why they like to fit a port into your arm. This wasn’t given to me as an option. But with complications and blood transfusion and so many procedures, my veins are more difficult to canularise.

Anyway. It’s done now. The nurses have tried their best and I am okay now.


I think of you guys often and discuss with my wife. We just want these difficult, but imperative, procedures to be over for you all, and we’re amazed and impressed by your consstant stamina.
It makes the rest of us really appreciate things that we didn’t before.
Cheers. :heart:


That sounds like an awful experience for your wife.

It ahould be a simple procedure. But it doesn’t always go as planned. Mixture of training levels, experience and skills are required.

Also if patient is nervous it affects things more.

One of my grandchildren had to have blood transfusions every few weeks and this meant fitting a canula into her tiny veins. Her parents discovered that they had to insist that the doctor doing it was a registrar as more junior doctors never had enough experience to do it well.

What was notable was that any animal vet could get a cannula into whichever tiny tube they needed in any cat or dog without any fuss, because this was something they had to do so often.

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I remember just after my radical neck resection needing to have the cannula changed. A junior doctor doing their prequalifying training. It has always been difficult to find a vein to use by the hospital staff, and the poor junior doctor had to make many attempts. Fortunately for me, I was on such large doses of painkillers I couldn’t feel anything. My friend who was visiting was looking more and more concerned as the many attempts were made before success and was looking very pale at the end of this.


Good morning Dan,

Like many others, I continue to be very impressed by your strength and positive attitude.

I’m sure that there are very dark moments, but your consistent bravery is exemplary. You describe your experiences clearly and without expecting pity and you sympathise with the experiences of others. In spite of current circumstances, you continue to offer hifi comment and advice in a supportive, knowledgeable and respectful manner.

All of us can learn from your courage and positivity and, on the other side, I hope that all of the support you are receiving here will help keep you strong.

Best wishes,

Brian D.


Very well said, Brian. :+1:


I suggest exactly the opposite.

If ever Dan has a similar issue with the cannula, I bet this would instantly make him feel better.

Like everyone else, still with you Dan.


I was chatting one of the nurses up. We have a good banter. She’s been there for most of my chemo sessions She leaned in a few times and got a few fist pumps. But she didn’t put my hand between her thighs! I said she could call me Daddy!

This was all very tongue in cheek! Anyway, she’s 26 so only a 24 year age gap.

She said to come and visit!


Thanks Brian,

I must say I am feeling more positive today. Had a rough couple of days mentally. But working outside today and talking to people helps.

The forum has been a great source of support and strength.

Keep playing the music guys!


Just been to hospital, following five cannulas fitted last tuesday during chemo I have a vein infection. Went to A & E and had IV antibiotics shot and am now on tablet antibiotics. Looks like it’s not too bad otherwise I would be kept in hospital.

Let’s see what happens next! Hopefully now treatment is done can start to recuperate.


Vein infection, what a nightmare. Let’s hope the antibiotics knock it on the head quickly.

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I am on 2 separate antibiotics now. Both maximum doses. If it doesn’t work then hospital and further risk of infection.

It hasn’t worked so far! Let’s see what happens. Not much I can do about things other than taking the tablets and seeing what happens.


How’s it going Dan, has the antibiotics started to work?


It maybe a minor thrombosis which antibiotics might not work on. On maximum antibiotics which is making me nauseous and have a scan on thursday on the right forearm where infection is.

Having a rough time.


Hope it gets resolved soon :heart: