Dan's thread

May well be inflammation of the vein (phlebitis/thrombophlebitis), but sounds sensible for them to have given you antibiotics as I suspect hard to differentiate from superficial infection especially as your immune system wouldn’t be 100% after the chemo.

Either way, hopefully a temporary annoyance.

Hope it settles soon.


So sorry to hear this, sending you my very best wishes, if it is phlebitis it will hopefully clear up in a few days.

It’s very worrying to see it though ( had it many years ago)

Hoping things get better :soon:



Good morning, Dan.

I hope that you’re able to spend many hours a day listening to your wonderful system.

Much depends on the choice of music, of course - something like Karl Böhm’s wonderful recording of Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ Symphony. (I bought two copies of the recent The Original Source limited edition!)

Of course you may prefer some thrash metal!

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Dan I feel for you, it’s ok to be pissed what you’re going through is hell. I also know what it’s like to be told constantly to be positive, positivity can only get you so far. Stay strong don’t be scared to reach out for help. Take care and thinking of you.


What a bummer Dan, like everyone has said I hope that the treatments work soon. All the best.

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Sorry to hear this Dan. Hope it’s just a bump in the road and it resolves quickly.


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For you, Mr Positive, to say you are having a rough time then things must be bad. My illness is nothing compared to what you are going through but there are times when you wonder how much more you can take. The good thing is that you are being well cared for and hopefully after the scan tomorrow they can get on top of things. All the very best, we are thinking of you.


Thanks everyone yet again.

I think @Alley_Cat is on the right lines here. Feeling more positive today.

I think it’s just a bump and i am sure I will bounce back!


Arm is getting a bit better. Hate these f###ing antibiotics though. Makes we wanna :face_vomiting:


Dan glad your arm is getting better, chemo blood tests etc make a mess of your arms mine look like I’m a heroin addict. Noticed on another thread that you’ve finished chemo and was wondering is there news (sorry if you’ve posted somewhere else).


I am going into hospital this morning to get arm checked out.

As for cancer update I have scan in a few days and then see consultant in June.

The arm isn’t right still but is a bit better.

How are you getting on with chemo? How many sessions have you had? How many to go?


Had a few major hiccups a couple of weeks ago, I was told that I would have stem cell transplant in September which involves a huge chemo hit and It scared me as I was originally told it wouldn’t be for a year or so. I was also told that if I didn’t get diagnosed when I did I may not have lasted to Christmas. We’re hoping with treatment I can get another 5 years but the news above put me in a very dark place.

Had my stem cell harvest earlier this week which I found rather tough and got 3 scheduled chemo sessions left.

I’ve come to terms with it all and feeling much better.


Oh my Pete, I’m really lost for words. It sounds like you are processing this, which is so important. Better get some gallivanting in when the treatment is all done.


Pete I’ve read great things about stem cell therapy these days so lots to be hopeful about


Hi Pete, the thing with cancer is it changes constantly. I was given 2 years to live about 10 months ago. They need a baseline to work from and that is mine.

However, I have now been told there is a chance of cure but they don’t want to say that because they said it previously and it came back.

Stay positive, stay strong. And try to process things. I had alot of counselling and grieved the loss of my life over many months. It’s the mental and emotional battle that is bigger.

We can do this Pete! I am right by your side!


Dan I have turned the corner and will fight this, you have reach bottom to bounce back. Things move quickly in medicine these days. If you (me and others) can hang in there there’s every chance they’ll find a cure.

Anyway you’ve got that factory tour with most of the forum to look forward to.


Chemo is brutal. You get to the point where you have had enough. I have had such a rough time since number 6 of 6. Just when you think it’s over. It’s like bang and you are on the floor again with multiple problems!

Dealing with uncertainty is the thing and constant changes. Very difficult!

Glad you have turned the corner mate.


So this I believe trip number 4 to the hospital this week. Spending half my life here this week.

Having scans to check for blod clots and then have to wait to see a doctor after they get results. I am tired of all of this.

Was in agony most of last night with back pain which I do not know the reason for! Probably because I haven’t been at work all week.

Need to get back to it next week as it’s better for my state of mind. Been liatening to alot of music but I need a purpose!

My arm is a bit better. They are doing scans to cover all bases!


Hope you get encouraging news from the doctor and are soon home to enjoy listening to your music.


They saw me immediately, did the scan on my arm and all good. Did bloods again and an ECG and let me go. Was in there less than hour! Phew!

Time to relax now. Worn out.