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Enjoy your weekend Dan.



All the very best to you Dan. You will get there. You are a fighter that is clear from your posts. As an aside when I was having my last bout of cancer they fitted me with a Cannular. It took nearly two hours to get it into position which was unpleasant but they managed it. There was about 300mm of the tube inside me. First two rounds of Chemo went smoothly. During the week the district nurse would come and flush the Cannular but on the third session she managed to snap the tube!

I had to drive quickly to Guildford Hospital to get it sorted. Very luckily for me there was just enough of the tube left outside of my body that they could reattach the device without having to go through the process of reinstalling it. Anxious times. The sister told me that this was the third time that this had happened with this particular Agency and that they would have to provide retraining to prevent it from happening again. Have a good weekend Dan.


Was that a port fitted or cannula? The type I have been having is for bloods and IV treatment into my hand and arms

One of worst when I had my first cancer op almost 2 years ago when they were trying to get a tube up my nose.

But nothing compare to pain of radiotherapy having my entire anal passage burnt and crying in pain after each bowel movement. Morphine was my friend then.

It’s all horrible isn’t it? The pain, the sickness, the tiredness?

But, it is necessary to stay alive.


Am taking 10 antibiotic tablets a day and they are big f@#!!s. :face_vomiting:

It’s a real struggle to swallow them.

That’ll be the ones designed for horses. At least, that’s what they look like.

You have my sympathy, this sounds like a really horrendous experience.

I had radiotherapy at the other end. The outside of my neck was so blistered that it was bleeding and they had to put clingfilm on my neck to stop the mask that held me still from sticking to it. My throat and mouth were even worse. I had to take extra morphine to eat, and even so, I managed to lose around 25kg of weight during my treatment. As I was having concurrent chemotherapy, I reacted so badly to this, ending up in the hospital for 5 days to get my nausea and vomiting more under control. I think in many ways this was preferable to your experience, even so, it was a very traumatic experience.

And like you, I needed some counselling and mental health support. Which for me was really weird, being a mental health professional I thought I would be able to manage this but as I found out people with a background in emotional wellbeing and mental health often struggle because we foolishly assume we can cope better.

I hope you have a good and relaxing weekend and feel strong enough to go back to work next week and reclaim your normal as much as possible.


That sounds just as bad Paul. Extreme pain is scary. I’m struggling again with back pain tonight.

I hope the phrase the darkest hour is before dawn holds true. Been one thing after another of late!
When will the pain end?

Tomorrow is another day :grinning:


I can only echo Paul’s post and hope you have a better weekend. Hang in there Dan, I know it doesn’t really help but we’re all here for you. Take care.


Hi Dan. It could have been a port, not sure. The tube went into my upper arm and snacked around inside me to my central vein I think it was. The tube had a plastic connector on it which was then connected to my liquid chemo whenI went to hospital. Then I had 5 tablets twice a day for two weeks before going back to hospital for the next dose. Glad it is behind me now. I have to say that I did not get the horrendous vomitting and diarrhea this time round as I had when I had my Pancreatic Cancer.

Have a good weekend Dan.

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Was that port in your chest above your heart?

I think a port is like a semi permanent cannula that you have in for the duration of the treatment. It’s a pipe for feeding IV chemo. When I went to A & E with my bad arm they said I should have had a port in from the beginning. Would have saved alot of pain and subsequent problems!

They fit them in the arms for chemo.

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You don’t get an option here it’s a new cannula each time. The port I thought was the one I described which I get for a month in September.

I didn’t get an option either. I din’t kow it was available. It’s only by attending the day centre that I spoke with other patients and some had the port

I’ve had a port in my arm a few times for a week or so at a time. Probably better than a daily cannula, but annoying when I was trying to sleep. One is so conscious of trying not to disturb it.



And doing building work iy wouldn’t have been ideal for me to be fair.

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Hoping you have a really good day or at the very least a reasonable day

best wishes


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Thanks Ian. Back pain is issue now and feel so tired!

I did always wonder what else I could mainline in there. An 18yo Glenlivet for example.



Whatever eases the pain! :grinning: