Discontinued Classic Series

I just happen to be on the Naim site looking at the product lineup. It’s sad to see all the discontinued labels next to the classic range. The only items not discontinued now are the 500 series, SN3, and NDX2. Everything else is discontinued. Sad to see but part of the times. https://www.naimaudio.com/range/marque-separates#classic-series

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Discontinued, but only to make way for the New Classic range;

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For sure, just an end of an era. Perhaps this is how folks felt when the Olive was discontinued. It was really my start in hifi in 2007 so nostalgic. I did notice that the logos are illuminated white on the NAP 500 and 552 now, is that how they are produced now or are they still with green illumination?

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See this thread;

You can order either with white or green logo.


Interesting, thanks for sharing. Makes sense for sure if they don’t plan to update the 500 series anytime soon so you can match a new 300 streamer and preamp with one? I suppose. I would guess most that have a 500 series system wouldn’t move to a 300 level though. Cool stuff though, I like the white.

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Discontinued, but still fantastic hifi and now at knock down prices :smile:


will the rest of previous classic line be updated

I don’t know. I guess inevitably it will all be superseded one way or another.

Funnily my system over 2 stacks is all green and, at least for a long time ahead, will remain that way but I think I actually prefer the white.

It’s sad to see so many of the Naim products that I started my journey with back in the mid 80’s consigned to history.

For me nothing beats the look of the CB kit. It was a purposeful, no frills, nothing superfluous and industrial look that for me will always define Naim. But the world moves on and I expect I’m just a sad old git!


maybe one day they will offer a white logo option as part of a service, i think it looks the bees knees on 500 series

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I like the white logo as well. Perhaps a mix of white and green would look rather slick as well for the time being. I reckon we will all be smitten by the NC series at some point or move on to different streets to explore our hobby. I would reckon we were are all originally drawn to this hobby for the joy of enhancing our music, not for the gear. If we focus on the gear, we forget the purpose of why we began down this path to begin with. Love the Naim brand and will continue to for the foreseeable future!

when i saw the 500 series with the white logos and buttons etc i did think to myself…i do want that. i think the old classic stuff with white looks way nicer than the new stuff

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There’s still a healthy market in 42/62/110/140 etc so no need to fret about 282/250 classics etc being discontinued.

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I’ve been in the Naim camp for more than three decades.
I’ve tried the most apart from 500 range.

Back then I had a very first listen at Nait 2, LP12 and some small Royd speakers.
I was sold, it did all the things I missed on a much more expensive valve setup, which totally lacked timing and involvement.

I was sort of shocked when black classic range were released being Olive fan by then.
As time goes by, I got used to the looks and sound, now I have Olive and Classic in my setups.

This is where the story ends for me.

Admittedly the new classic looks the business, really classy.
But far too expensive for me and old kit can serve me just fine.
A Nait 50 and Qb were my last Naim purchases.

(Really curious what kind of Supernait Naim choose to release in new classic look, will it be a statement Nait ?)

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I didn’t want to say anything … :grin:

I like the look of the CB kit as well. I tested one to buy, but it kept shutting down on me. I’m sure it just needed a service, but I went for an SN2 instead. There’s a lot of nice older kit available.
Love the bolt-down top on the CBs.


I guess the old classic series cases were simply too expensive to keep making. the new series are not only an internal re-engineering maybe but also outer one. which is fine, since this will ensure the financial sustainability of Naim

none of us want Naim to ever go out of business.

Naim is becoming a little like The Beatles, isn’t it? Before Rubber Soul, after Sgt.Pepper’s, mono or stereo, a rush to buy the same album in a new mix… And clones, like The B.s’ cover bands; and now those dreadful AI ‘enhanced’ or ‘re-created’ footages.

There won’t ever be something like this with Linn, as nothing was with the Stones… Impressive in my opinion. Really.

My guess is that NDX 2 & SN3 are still selling in good numbers and make for a very good, fuss free, attractive high-end performing combo.


:man_shrugging:. I guess all the Naim kit I own fits into this category. I don’t really get what you are saying here. If consigned to history means gone to a good home and still serviceable then is that a bad thing?

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