DIY Rack

Well as I couldn’t afford a fraim I asked for DIY ideas and settled on a tnt flex. It’s three Ross, the back one is in the middle, I got 3 x 180x62cm wood from b&q got them to cut the rack shelves out and leave a 20cm x1.8m strip from each of the three pieces, £240 for the pad including all the shelves the turntable shelf, and have another isolation platforms spare along with another shelf.

70 for the rods, oil, varnish and brackets.


Looks absolutely superb.


Looks very tidy. No cable mess visible. Really nice.


Cheers, never going to use the fireplace as a fire so drilled three holes through the back into the under stairs cupboard and all the cables go through these.

Looks good, very clever use of space.

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Only one word for your handywork - BRILLIANT!"


That looks great, and I love your cable solution, very smart.

In the case of most HiFi Racks (Fraim, Isoblue and more), each ‘shelf’ just rests on the one below…

Your appear to be through bolted…?

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Very impressive that you can make things like that, as I’m hopeless. One thing would bother me about it though - the two legs sticking up at the front. Would it not be possible to cut them down or have some other cap on the top thread? They look like an accident waiting to happen and make the rack look unfinished.


A bit like some houses in the middle east with re-bar sticking out of the roof, allows for future upward expansion? :0)

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Yeah I’m trying to decide on cutting them off. Putting some nuts on them, or putting another shelf that goes back to the wall.

Each shelf is just connected via rubber washers then metal washers, it sounds fine so far. The only really sensitive thing is the truth and I’ve put that separate.

As you say it’s not a fraim. But, I couldn’t afford one :slight_smile:

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Looks great and good use of space.
The B+Q wood - was that from a kitchen counter top?
I did consider using it myself but found if cut too small it lost it’s strength at the bonds between pieces - yours looks solid enough so should be ok.

I used B+Q square oak bannister spindles for mine - first time i’ve tried linking so hopefully this goes there.


It always is, and you made an understandable choice :wink:

Good job. I like to see a home made rack! I do agree with @anon4489532 though, I think you should cut the tops off. It’ll finish it off nicely.

Lovely work @booktrunk ! Having made my own DIY rack I do know how much time and effort is required to do something like this. Very creative use of space and materials too, but agree with the suggestions of trimming the front threaded rods, and perhaps finish with rounded bolts to hide the top of the threads?

This approach of using the combination of threaded rods, nuts and rubber washers to build a homemade rack is a well thought out solution, and affords great flexibility for changing the shelf height, but doesn’t seems to be as widely used in the UK for some reason.

Just as an aside, why did you offset the turntable support? I’m assuming due to the risk of over drilling the holes for the fixings into the chimney cavity etc.


Looks very nice its good to see something a little different.

As others have said I would cut the rod off to the appropriate length and use a domed nut on the top.

The top yeah probably will chop them off.

The record player off to the side, Just a whim, I didn’t want it all in a row, I prefer a bit of chaos :slight_smile:


Oops! Glares at my iPhone keyboard, which glares back at me.

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Bizarrely it’s not on their website, but it seems to be classed as for bathroom or Similar use, found them
in store £78 for 1.8m x .62m x 26mm thick, and three of these was just what I needed. Got all the cuts I wanted them to do for free.