English Premier League Season 2023/24

What the …
Whatever did I do to you ?
That 5 minutes was worthy of a prime Spurs collapse.

You lot took a bung ?

I shouldn’t gloat.

England’s finest defensive mid finally arrives.

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We’re dangerously close to Moyes has lost the dressing room given the whole team look like they’re carrying cement in their boots. Inexplicable?

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Me: Have you seen the cricket score?

My son: No, who’s it against?

Me: West Ham

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Well, that was impressive by Arsenal Bob, in what I thought might be a difficult game. The West Ham supporters should be ashamed of themselves. An embarrassment…

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Really happy to see Ethan Nwaneri the next Saka come on and not look out of place .

Very impressive by Arsenal this afternoon. Showed lots of confidence and energy right from kick-off. 6-0 didn’t flatter their performance. WHU? Gosh. So passive. And at home! Don’t think I’ve seen the classy Ward-Prouse so ineffective. It wasn’t until the second half that I noticed he was even playing. Moyes needs to lift the morale of the side fast.


Thanks @keanoking , at least your lads stuck to the ‘help Spurs’ script.

Unlike @TheKevster 's lot


Poor showing but imo even worse performance by their supporters walking out at half time.


Correction. ‘…before half time’.


I get being disappointed but I’ve always thought you have to take the good with the bad. I use to support the North Sydney Bears, if I walked out when they were losing at half time I’d never have seen a game. :grin:


Hah ! Yep.

As a Spurs fan, I understand. I’ve had over 50 years supporting them - not so many good times !!!

West Ham have yet to win a game in 2024 so I’ve no problem with their fans leaving as a show of their discontent. Don’t get it wrong West Ham are a very good side and as good as Arsenal where that performance by a home team who are 7th in the PL and European Trophy winners was unacceptable and by 20,000 plus fans leaving at half time they now know that their fans will not accept that level of performance.


So the Hammers have a showdown next weekend against another team yet to win in the league this year, Forest. I’ll be at the match hoping one or two of our players returning from the Alcon final can help us keep a clean sheet or defend a lead for a change. Should be an interesting encounter.


Where did you get this figure from? Because I was there (unfortunately) and that number is wildly inaccurate.

SOME supporters Pete, not “their”. While I would never, on a point of principle, walk out of a game before the final whistle, I can understand why people did yesterday, after witnessing that dogshit performance.

Given that fans have few ways in which to express their disgust at the players on the pitch or to the management and club, in football culture walking out early – especially en masse – is an effective demonstration of fan displeasure. Many of those walking out were sending a message to Moyesiah and the Porn Dwarf.

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No you shouldn’t, especially as the WHU Arsenal tally this season is 2 - 1 to Tartan Diego Simeone’s Massive Euro Cup Winning Cockney Bastards…

Ya know, I really wouldn’t be surprised if your lot shake off this faux pas and go on to lift the Europa Cup. It’s a funny old game after all, as our shared hero often said…