English Premier League Season 2023/24

I’ve not been here long enough to be so forthright but that’s it in a nutshell. Particularly the last sentence. :+1:

hesitates before posting

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Hard to believe it’s possible.

But I’ll take your word for it, Kev.


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Moyes cost you the game. Nobody else.

At 3-1:- “ go on Kalvin, I’ve taken our effective striker off, now go and shore things up and keep things tight at the back”.

That worked well… :black_heart::white_heart:

Bad loser syndrome.

Well it’s advantage Liverpool but with almost a quarter of the season left to go it’s still a three horse race.


Taking the emotion out of it and the fact the we could and should have nicked it at the end when Trossard should have put Martinelli through what was a bore fest for 99% of football fans was actually a defensive masterclass by Arsenal.

Despite what you think of Arteta, this season he has had the better of two of the best, arguably the very best managers the Premier League has ever seen of course wether he bests them both to win the title remains to be seen. Those of you who said last year was a flash in the pan, Arsenal’s only chance of winning the PL have been proved very wrong we will add a top goalscorer and a replacement for Tomas Partey this Summer and if we don’t win it this year in the next two years we will.

This season in in 280 minutes of football the best team in the world * with arguably the best goalscorer in world football have managed just one goal against this Arsenal team and Mikel Arteta should be given massive credit for that.

Our “unavailable XI” isn’t that bad! Roll on Everton tomorrow night… :black_heart::white_heart:

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Good side Andy. You miss Isak though

Good result yesterday Bob, though I was disappointed with the game as a whole; City were not nearly enterprising enough, as the home side.

Arsenal look far more robust than at this time last season; the centre half’s are on top of their game. I think this will go all the way…

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Just checked TNT , three Premier League matches simultaneously on Wednesday night …

Hope none as boring as that shower yesterday


Luckily I have a ticket for Wednesday I met a fellow supporter last year and joined a supporters club which has yielded tickets for six matches so far including Champions League games they are always midweek but at £35 a pop it’s been a lucky meeting.

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Hey @TheKevster
Not looking forward to tonight’s game, Kev. I think you’re gonna turn us over pretty easily. We have been really poor over the last few games.

Don’t worry @Wugged_Woy - Moyesiah will take off our most potent striker and put Kalvin Phillips on and he’ll gift you a couple of goals, maybe even a hat-trick!


Poor Kalvin. S’pose he’ll be off back up the M6 at the end of the season.

Maybe taking a right hand turn onto the M62 to Leeds…

Didn’t appear to be anyone on either side who could shoot in the WHU v Tot game.

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Bang on right.

Our lot play pretty football at times but are toothless. We have not properly replaced Kane yet - Son is not a central striker. Richy is hit and miss and Werner (as Jamie warned) can’t hit a barn door with a banjo.

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It’s a mystery how difficult many professional footballers find shooting and taking a decent corner.

Well Forest showed tonight that they can score goals and actually defend a lead. Gibbs-White showed some class and Chris Wood continued his streak of scoring. Some hairy moments in the second half though and our ability to defend corners is abysmal. I wonder why we have a set-piece coach at all!

Next up Spurs on Sunday - we’ll have to show Brennan Johnson what he’s missing!

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What was Dummett doing for the Everton penalty? Cost Newcastle 2 points.