English Premier League Season 2023/24

He certainly did. That said, we should have had the game sown up long before then

Running out of fit players so youth team & anyone else we can drag off the streets to play for us at the Emirates tonight - not exactly a big game for either team :rofl:. Good luck everyone, it is going to be a bumpy one…tin hats on, incoming!!

That was a good result for Forest yesterday Andrew. I think you still have an interesting run in but it is always about hitting form at the right time and if this continues then you should pull clear. Everton unfortunately got a point from Newcastle but Brentford are also in the mix. Interesting weeks ahead.

Going to the match tonight and everyone I’ve spoken to has greatest respect for Luton Town and your manager and we’re expecting a fight I do expect an Arsenal win of course as it’s at the Emirates but nobody is expecting you to roll over.

Great addition to the League and really you hope you stay up get your new ground and do a Brighton.

Everyone wants Lu’on to stay up but nobody wants them to beat their team!

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Don’t think Andrew does… :smile:

I want them to stay up, on the proviso that they win tonight. If they lose, they can bugger off back to the Championship… :rofl:


Much as I admire Luton’s spirit and tenacity, I am desperate for Forest to stay up. I won’t be around in 20+ years to see them promoted again! We need to go on a good run now, as we did last season.

Of course, had we not bought a multitude of players last season, many of whom contributed little or nothing (e.g. Lingard, Arteta, Shelvey), then we wouldn’t have had 4 points deducted and we might already be nearly ‘safe’.

I would be very happy for Luton to stay up - but at the expense of Everton or Brentford, not Forest! Interesting weeks ahead now!


Thanks Bob, I expect us to give it a real go as we always do and will be interested in your post match thoughts (obviously if it is 10-0 then you may not need to bother :sweat_smile:). The injuries are a real shame because if we had a fit first 11 and still got relegated we would know that we gave it our best shot but came up short - if we get relegated now it will be a case of thinking if only…Whatever team we have put out have done us proud and I have no complaints; we have had some bad luck, learnt a few lessons and been involved in some quite dramatic games (e.g. the 3-4 Arsenal game in December, 4-4 against Newcastle, 3-4 against Bournemouth…hmmm, pattern of 4’s there) but so do we all. Don’t get me wrong, I desperately want us to survive and will take a sneaky 1-0 victory tonight :upside_down_face:).

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Made me smile but we are including a player who started with the under-16s at the start of the season - just about to sit his GCSE’s :slightly_smiling_face:

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Luckily it is his Easter holiday so he is allowed to stay up late :grin:

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City v Villa looks to be over as Foden pops in his second. Super player. Villa wasting good opportunities. What a frustrating player Grealish is. Stops, turns, off loads. I’m thinking take some responsibility and go for goal. Rodri, now there’s a player. Never lost a game apparently for City.

Edit:make that a hat trick.


Heavily rotated Arsenal team got the job done against a depleted but tough Luton brilliant fans too.

A lot better than the Arsenal fans, who were strangely quiet considering this was a home game that could (and did) send them top of the EPL. Perhaps the fans were all on Easter holidays and had been replaced by tourists. Even my Arsenal mate, who was at the game, admitted that the fans were “shocking” and the atmosphere “totally flat”.

Tourists like me Kev and from where I was sitting the atmosphere was brilliant as always over the past two or three seasons obviously in the second half Arsenal went into training game mode and that was reflected in the crowd.

It was a must win game with heavy rotation no Rice, Saka, Martinelli or Jesus at kick off Smith Rowe came in and was excellent as was Tomas Partey, Reece Nelson and even Zinchenko who has had a bit of a dodgy season so far.

Mikel Arteta has learned his lesson from last season and in a week where we had a physically draining game on Sunday and with Brighton away and Bayern Munich at home in the next nine days in a midweek game against a tough and gritty Luton side he slowed things down and paced his squad.

And on another note Villa showed last night what can happen when you take the game to The Cheats and the footballing morons and Arsenal haters will give Villa more credit for getting slapped 4-1 than we did getting a point.

Arsenal top with 8 games left.

Which way will it go,

  1. Win the league.
  2. Do a mega bottle job like last year.

One or the other. Success or embarrassment.

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I’m no Arsenal fan, but to be fair none of the top three show any sign of bottling it, and it could well go to the final game of the season. Each of them are at home on the last day, which is great for the fans of the eventual champions.
All of them are still in Europe, and ManC still in the FA Cup.
I just hope the eventual champions win it on merit and there’s no controversial VAR issues.
The relegation battles, and Championship battles are equally tight.
All great for the neutral.


I thought this was interesting.

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Yes. Shows how little matchday revenue contributes to overall income (in premier league). Which is an indicator of why stadium enlargement not always such a good idea

Um. Blimey.

Two cracking matches tonight , with the Mingey Mincing Mangey Mankers* losing at Chelsea and a stunning goal at Liverpool

My cousin is a great supporter of the Mingey Mincing Mangey Mankers and she gets incredibly worked up when I call them that

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