English Premier League Season 2023/24

Um, who won at Chelsea?

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Whoops :sweat_smile: edited to show true result

I just couldn’t imagine them losing from there


I guess ETH couldn’t imagine it either, he looked a bit shocked in his post match interview

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The most expensive and worst Chelsea team in over 20 years got a very lucky win over the most expensive and worst Man United team in over 40 years. Both managers hugely over-rated, the players woeful individually and collectively (with the exception of Garnacho and Palmer). Last night a glaring reminder at just how far both have fallen, though an enjoyable spectacle for neutrals and ManU-haters.


Don’t hold back, Steve. What do you really think ?


I write as a hugely frustrated ManU supporter. After watching another set of muppets on the Apprentice, I switched over to the match at 90 minutes with ManU 3-2 up. The final few minutes was staggering in its ineptitude, but apparently was an accurate cameo of both teams’ defensive performances throughout the match.

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It is our own fault that we lose but let’s not forget 2 of the softest penalties for Chelsea that would’ve never been given to us

Although I’m no fan of Man Utd that Dalot penalty was ridiculous he fell over completely by accident never a penalty for me.

Interesting post on a Spurs forum…

"I used to regularly go and watch games but then life took over, kids came along and circumstances changed, so I haven’t been able to go for bloody years.
It’s not just the ticket prices that have stopped me going, it’s the cost of everything else.

It’s a shame because I’d love to take my son to the ground but just can’t afford it.
The disparity between the “haves” and “have nots” is constantly increasing and as sad as it maybe, football is a part of that.

We’re Spurs fans and always will be but I take my kids to watch my local team these days and we watch Spurs on the telly.
My kids get in free to the local club, it costs me 8 quid and we can walk there. For just my son and I to go to Spurs, I’d be looking at about 200 quid or more and I just can’t justify that expenditure for an afternoon with just one of my three kids.
It’s almost become two different games."

Are we getting to the point where going to Premier League football matches is only for the richer part of society ?


I read somewhere that Levy is cancelling the over-65s concessionary discount on season tickets, which seems rather mean-spirited…


Remember our roots Kev…

I can say no more :rofl:

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Typical of Levy. This money-grabbing ethos with many clubs in the PL carries a risk in the longer term. While times are good I suppose high ticket prices that can’t be afforded by the genuine fans will be paid by the ‘tourist fans’. In the longer term, though, pricing out the dads and their kids could come back to haunt those clubs because it’s those sort of fans that follow a club regardless of form. If a ‘kid’ gets to see a live game of their local club the bug can bite and that kid becomes a life-long fan. It happened to me at Pompey, I’ve seen it happen to my son and my eldest grandson. Levy and co need to be thinking carefully about nurturing the core fan-base who will be needed way beyond the owners/CEOs’ tenure at the club.


100% right MDS. Forgetting the grass roots supporters, there’s a possibility of losing the very soul of the club.

Oooh nasty, sorry to hear that MDS… :grinning:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

I’m not sure the rules allow for deliberate versus non-deliberate contact? The fact is that Dalot’s slip inadvertently tripped up the Chelsea player, and prevented a very real goal-scoring opportunity. Definite penalty for me, and I’ve no idea why it took VAR so long to decide.

The cost of watching any sport live is becoming a major problem everywhere. But it can’t be a surprise when you consider how much we’re paying of the players these days, the PL is a prefect example. Some of those players earn more in an afternoon than most of their fans earn in a year. Also the cost of security at these games must be crippling I tried to count the men and women in yellow the other day and lost count. Maybe if some fans behaviour wasn’t so poor you wouldn’t need as many stewards.

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The number of stewards will be a health and safety issue and there will be a minimum amount needed a ratio per person required by law thankfully occurrences of bad behaviour and hooliganism are very, very rare these days.

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Well they seem to be concentrated between the home supporters and visitors to me, there’s a row going all the way up.

On my way to Selhurst hosting Citeh :grimacing:

Sitting at home TV on and may well alternate between the CP game and the derby at Carrow Road. As a Leeds fan I hope Norwich stick a few past Ipswich. Hilary has headed up to sadlers wells for a matinee so carte blanche to watch a bit of footie and then champions cup rugby :+1:

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