English Premier League Season 2023/24

As Bob Dylan said “I don’t believe you !!”

It’s only hypothetical of course as I’m almost certain I’ll never find myself in that position.

A very interesting fact regarding the Spuds is that since the Premier League began only The Cheats, Chelsea and Man U have spent more money.

As we all know by fair means or foul the other three have all won Champions Leagues, Premier Leagues, FA Cups, Super Cups, World Club Cups and League Cups.

The Spuds have won 2 League Cups and an Audi Cup and oh might have helped Arsenal not win a Premiership.

Over the past 10 years, Arsenal are 4th biggest spender, us lot 6th. Yes, we haven’t been good at the spending game, however…

You’ve spent 1.38 billion trying to buy the league and failed.

Arteta in !!

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I would like to think my Team (the mighty Fulham) has had some influence on the title this year, taking four points off Arsenal :face_with_peeking_eye::joy:


Don’t forget the 6 points and 9 goals you gave The Cheats.

Yes… probably witnessed the best team in the world demolish us in both games. I was there watching home and away. Man city are on another planet so no dishonour in losing. That said it took a dodgy refereeing decision up at the Etihad for city to retake the lead.
City will deservedly win, basically because they play incredible football. Now whether that’s somehow by cheating FFP is another matter? Them and the bunch down the road that play in blue.

Exactly right which is why I really praise Mikel for not loosing to them over 3 matches this season 2 wins and a draw.

I praise Mikel for losing to Newcastle, Fulham, Aston Villa and West Ham instead :rofl:

Arteta in !!!