'ERR' display on CD5XS

Hello everybody ! This is my first post and it’s concerning my second hand buy the CD5XS. The CD turns a few seconds with emitting a rubbing noise and then a message appears on the screen : ‘ERR’. What does it mean ? It’s probably due to poor transport conditions ? What could it be ? What could be the cost of repair ? Thanks for your answers !

Philippe, I assume you have just received this unit from the seller. Are you using the correct clamp on the cd spindle? IIRC it’s a Clamp 5 you need;

When this happens with my CDX2, it’s because the CD is not quite the correct thickness and the clamp assembly can’t grip it properly.

Solution is pleasingly simple, though not aesthetically pleasing. Take thin strips of sticky masking tape and place around the centre hole, comme ca:

Facile et bon marché!


It sounds like the CD platter has slipped down on the spindle?
Try turning the platter gently by hand and make sure it’s not rubbing on the surround

As Richard said, You have to be sure not only that it is the right clamp (the one that came with it probably is correct) but it has to be used on every disc. What you are describing is what usually happens if the clamp is not used or is too far off-center . Also (I’m not sure if this could be a problem or not) but if you just received it , is it possible that the transport screw was installed?

I’m using the correct clamp. The problem comes from the optic lens wich is ‘jumping’ a few seconds and then stops.

Hi Mark; thanks for your answer. The problem comes from the laser lens that ‘jumping’ in the block.

Unfortunately the gear has arrived without the transport screw. This may have damaged the device during the transport.

I believe there is a problem with the stability of the lens due to incorrect conditions of transport. I hope this is not a serious problem.

Assuming where you are located, you should get in touch with the Naim distributor Latham Audio. It could well need a new replacement mechanism. They can give you an estimate of cost.

I got in touch with the local distributor who is in charge of the brand. I hope this will only be a setting and not a replacement !

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